Boston Globe travel writer Chris Muther told Boston Public Radio at its studio in the Boston Public Library on Tuesday that he wants you to take his latest list with a grain of salt.

"You have places like "The [New York] Times" and "Travel + Leisure" coming out with these elaborate lists of where to go, and when I look at them. ... I roll my eyes a little bit because it seems like they’re all trying to one-up one another, of like, what’s the most obscure place,” Muther said. “For me, the idea of trying to tell someone where to go, not knowing what they like to do, knowing what their budget is, is [presumptive].”

Nonetheless, Muther offered some travel recommendations for those looking to get out there in the new decade — some of which might be closer than you’d expect.

“Burlington just doesn’t get enough love in these parts because it’s a four hour drive,” Muther said of the Vermont city. "I always think if I’m going to get in a car and go that far I’m going to keep going to Montreal.”

The only other U.S. city he put on his list was Savannah, Georgia.

“[Savannah] really has a very unique character. It has this history of murders and ghosts, and it takes advantage of that, it lives up to the reputation," Muther said. "And then it has [The Savannah College of Art and Design] there, which really makes the downtown a great place.”

"I find it to be a great pace– really relaxing.”