During Boston's blizzard a couple years ago, Boston met someone who would change the city forever: the Boston Yeti. The abominable-looking snow creature braves nasty winter weather and spreads cheer, whether it is making people laugh as they pass by or helping them shovel snow. The Yeti isn't much of a talker, but is quick to give a hug, high-five, or a friendly growl.

We were lucky enough to find the Yeti during the latest snowstorm in the area, and the Yeti was gracious enough to allow us to tag along on the journey during a Facebook live video. Afterwards, we sat down for a quick Q&A, and we were sure to ask some of the questions our audience submitted on Facebook live. Here's what the Yeti had to say:

Q: Is the Yeti an original Bostonian or a transplant?

A: I was born and raised in lush woods just outside Boston. My yeti companions who were transplants would tease me growing up because my growls often had that classic Boston accent. You know, low vowel pronunciation and/or dropping the letter "R" altogether. In my case growling was more like "grahhhl."

Q: What does the Yeti do, or where does the Yeti go, when there isn’t any snow?

A: My friend, Lauren — a human, not a yeti — taught me how to surf. I like the beach, though dehydration is always an issue (the fur) and it's a nightmare getting sand off me (again, the fur).

Q: What are the Yeti’s favorite snow day snacks? What does the Yeti eat regularly? 

A: I have a couple of favorites: snow cones and popsicles, mainly. They both go well with iced coffee. For something warmer I LOVE a nice non-alcoholic hot toddy. 

Q: What kind of pizza do you like?

A: ALL PIZZA. In all seriousness, though, all pizza. All of it.

Q: Will the Boston Yeti remain in Boston or venture out to other places?

A: I have visited other, wonderful cities and towns in New England. China would be fun, although I'm uneasy about flying. My feet are far too big for the seating areas in coach. Flying business is out of the question because I have no money — just a few wooden nickels a friend in Lexington gave me.

There's a lake monster friend of mine (perhaps you've heard of him: the Lake Tianchi Monster) who lives in Heaven Lake located in the Jilin province of China. I've been meaning to pay him a visit!

Q: How do you slide around on your feet without falling?

A: Years of practice and lots of falling! As you might recall from the storms of 2015, I love to do yoga, and that helps with my balance. I've got to keep practicing keeping my balance on the ice because a friend of mine, Kenzie, is having a pair of custom ice skates made for my big feet. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself and fall while ice skating!

Q: Does the salt hurt your feet?

A: That's a great question! You know, it's funny: living a life without shoes means a yeti builds up some pretty heavy duty calluses. Because of that the salt doesn't really hurt my feet---thankfully! 

The Boston Yeti poses with Pat Patriot.
Courtesy of the Boston Yeti

Q: Do you like books, travel, and romantic walks in the snow?

A: I love to read! I also enjoy comic books. As far as romantic walks in the snow my answer is an emphatic YES. As long as it's in the snow I'm happy to walk, stroll, skip, run, dash, scurry, scamper, and bolt! And if I can do those things claw in claw with my best friend even better!

Q: Do you like the Patriots?

A: Even though I don't watch a lot of sports, I do love all of our New England teams! I spent some time at Gillette Stadium last year and it was a BLAST! I took my picture with Pat Patriot (the Patriots mascot) which was great. 

To be honest, when it comes to watching sports I prefer curling.

Q: What are the Yeti’s thoughts on global warming?

Well, more generally speaking, I'm in favor of doing anything that strengthens the health of our planet and all the creatures (real, mythical, or not yet identified) that roam it!

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: My favorite color would have to be purple. I had a purple scarf once that blew away in the wind. If you see it please let me know! Also, someone told me once that neon brown is a real color though I've never seen it. I think maybe they were foolin' me.