200,000 residents of Worcester are waiting for the water to be turned back on after a major water main break Monday afternoon. Officials say they hope repairs to be completed later this morning.

The 30 inch main broke near Worcester State University forced officials to shut down the water supply to the entire city.

Classes at the university, where the Ghosh Science and Technology Center  was flooded, were canceled for today.

The lack of a reliable water supply prompted the Fire Department to activate the District 7 Task Force, which brings tanker trucks in from surrounding towns to supply water for firefighting.

According to the Globe when the main broke, it sent a wide stream of water gushing across the front of Worcester State’s campus sending a torrent of water onto the baseball fields.

The city's DPW says all residents and businesses will likely experience low or no potable water flow during the repairs and a boil water order is in effect.