When a storm like Sandy hits we tend to focus on the land and the sea: Are branches falling? Are power lines going down? Are the tides rising? Will they flood the streets?

But what about the sky? That's where the hurricane is after all. And let’s not forget that here in Massachusetts alone, there are some 200 species of birds that call the sky home.

E. Vernon Laux, resident naturalist and land manager at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation on Nantucket, joined us on BPR with an update on how our feathered friends are weathering the big storm. Vern is the author of Bird News: Vagrants and Visitors on a Peculiar Island. He also writes a bird column for the Cape Cod Times, and writes Nantucket's "Natural World" for the Inquirer and Mirror. Laux can be heard every Wednesday morning at 8:35am and afternoon at 5:45pm on WCAI—our sister station on the Cape.