Singer-songwriter Izzy Heltai performs live in Northampton, Mass. for Front Row Boston's socially-distanced field recordings. Micah Katz-Zeiger is on electric guitar.

Heltai moved from Boston to Western Massachusetts for college and fell in love with the small-town lifestyle. Four years later, he released his debut Father, a coming of age album, which includes songs written over that transformative time. "A lot of this record is about seeing memories and situations turn to grey, where black and white previously existed" says Heltai, "finding myself as an adult has largely been about how the people who have always been there for me can fit into my life in a new way".

At a time when a conversation can become a sociopolitical battle, Heltai's introspective and thought-out songs are a breath of fresh air.

This session was recorded on October 13, 2020.

Video Credits:
Stacy Buchanan – Producer
Mike Kligerman – Camera/Slider
Brian McCoy – Audio Recording & Mix
Greg Shea – Director/Camera/Editor