Raavi Sita, lead vocalist and guitarist of the indie rock band Raavi & the Houseplants, performs "Sticky" live at Mass Audubon's Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA.

Sita delivers a uniquely inviting and intimate performance amid the quiet and sprawling farmland where a worker shepherded a herd of sheep in the background just moments before we hit record. It all fit in so many ways, but especially with the theme of the song. "Sticky," in its original form, minimizes self-doubt among energetic guitars and dynamic harmonies. It's a duality that displays the difficulty of addressing a lack of confidence, and it works.

But when you strip the song down to just vocals and guitar—as Sita does in this Front Row Boston socially-distant field recording—it becomes a moment to confront emotional vulnerability. Sita likes it that way, and in a recent interview, she says, "'Sticky' does a good job of eliciting an emotional reaction from people, regardless of what they think the song is about."

Video credits:
Stacy Buchanan – Producer
Mike Kligerman – Camera/Slider
Brian McCoy – Audio Recording & Mix
Greg Shea – Director/Camera/Editor