The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) recently announced its 2022 Salute to Excellence Award nominees, honoring journalism and communications that best cover the Black experience or address issues affecting the worldwide Black community. GBH’s work was recognized six times! Congratulations to all of our colleagues at FRONTLINE and GBH News who have received nominations. See the nominees below:

Digital Media: Interactive: Feature
Tamara Shogaolu, Michelle Mizner, Collyn Stephens, Dan Nolan, Anthony DeLorenzo, FRONTLINE Staff
FRONTLINE and Ado Ato Pictures

Radio, Top 15 Markets: Commentary
“Why Are There So Few Black Competitive Swimmers?”
Callie Crossley

Radio, Top 15 Markets: Feature
“Black Bostonians Fled to Atlanta to Escape Racism. They’re Not Coming Back, No Matter Who’s Elected Mayor.”
Phillip Martin, Kenneth J. Cooper

“Celebrate 50 Years of Philadelphia International Records’ Iconic ‘Phillysound’ Soul Music.”
Callie Crossley, Hannah Uebele, David Goodman

Radio, Top 15 Markets: News: Series
“Unseen: The Boy Victims of the Sex Trade.”
Phillip Martin, Jenifer McKim, Paul Singer, Emily Judem, Meredith Nierman

Television, Top 15 Markets: Public Affairs: Interview/Discussion
“Basic Black: The Power of Your Name”
Delores Edwards, Callie Crossley, Kenrick Mercado, Rob Fagnant Jr., Robert Judge

“Basic Black: Racial Generational Trauma”
Delores Edwards, Callie Crossley, Kavontae Smalls, Robert Fagnant Jr., Robert Judge

Television, Top 15 Markets: Public Affairs: Program
“Basic Black: Critical Race Theory”
Delores Edwards, Callie Crossley, Robert Fagnant Jr., Jack Doyle

Winners will be announced during the Salute to Excellence Gala in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace during the #NABJNAHJ22 Convention & Career Fair on Aug. 6 at 6 p.m. PT.