All of us at GBH are deeply saddened to learn about the passing of producer/director Russ Morash.

A long-time member of the GBH family, Russ was a trailblazer. He invented how-to television and, together with GBH, launched a new genre of television programming that established public television in the minds of millions of Americans. His groundbreaking work embodied the innovative spirit that has always defined GBH.

Russ first joined GBH in 1957 and for more than 40 years, he was instrumental in creating iconic shows that spanned generations, including The French Chef with Julia Child, The Victory Garden, This Old House, and The New Yankee Workshop. Visionary and groundbreaking when they first premiered and beyond, these award-winning shows helped to change the way Americans interacted with television, giving audiences the confidence that they could succeed in the kitchen, and the knowledge they needed in order to tackle their home renovation projects.

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