Anthony Rapp, an actor and singer, went from being a Starbucks barista to a Broadway star by way of the hit musical “Rent.” But, his meteoric rise was tempered by the death of Jonathan Larson, “Rent’s” 35-year-old composer and librettist who had an aortic aneurysm on the eve of the show’s debut. Then, a year later, he lost his mother to cancer.

These seminal events are the making of Rapp’s one-man-show, “Without You.” He sat down with The Culture Show to talk about it.

Then, it’s the one-man media conglomerate: Matt Farley.

For him quality is quantity. The Danvers based singer-songwriter is prolific. He’s written, produced and recorded more than 25,000 songs. He also makes movies, hosts podcasts and writes books. How does he do it all? The Culture Show finds out.

Finally, the Arnold Arboretum is springing back to life, as flowers emerge. And that includes the blossoming of their cherry trees. Joining us to talk about their upcoming cherry blossom celebration — and other signs of life at this urban oasis is Jessica Pederson, the head of public programs at the Arnold Arboretum.