Today on The Culture Show, it's our arts and culture week in review! Hosts Callie Crossley, Edgar B. Herwick III and Jared Bowen are live at the Boston Public Library to break down all of the week's headlines in arts and culture.

First, Beyoncé gives new meaning to midnight cowboy, dropping her much-anticipated country album “Cowboy Carter” today at 12:00 a.m.

Herwick started listening to the album on the drive in to the live show at the Boston Public Library.

"I was like this is not a snack... this is a meal," said Herwick. "This is an album that at some point I need to actually just sit down, alone, in a room and listen to from start to finish."

From there music mogul Sean Combs has been accused of sexual assault by multiple people, prompting Federal agents to raid his homes. Is this even more of a signal that people with money, power and fame are no longer above the law?

Then, it’s the kind of comeback that you only see in the movies. This week the Coolidge Corner Theatre has rebounded from pandemic-related closures, unveiling its megawatt makeover.

And it’s Michaelangelo’s David versus the Goliath of capitalism. By defending David’s dignity against naughty souvenirs, is a museum director also attacking freedom of expression?

It's all on The Culture Show — listen to the full episode above!