Women have left their mark on Boston for hundreds of years — and now, their legacies are on Boston's walls. Today on The Culture Show, artist Julia Swanson joins host Jared Bowen to talk about her favorite murals in and around the city that celebrate local women.

Then, it's lights, camera, action. This Wednesday, the Coolidge Corner Theatre is opening its new 14,000 square foot addition to the public. After 15 years of planning, 10 years of fundraising and two years of construction, this is a mega makeover with a renovated lobby, two state-of-the-art theaters and a refurbished concession stand. At a time when other movie theaters are struggling, the Coolidge is having the kind of comeback you only see in the movies. Katherine Tallman, the Coolidge’s executive director and CEO gives us a sneak preview..

And finally, Romeo and Juliet with Raisinets? The Culture Show co-host James Bennett II talks about his aria of expertise to wrap up the afternoon. After seeing the MET’s "Romeo et Juliette" both in-person and on the big screen, which is the optimal opera experience?

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