It's time for another edition of "Balancing Acts."

With local theaters presenting a paradox of choice, theater critics Joyce Kulhawik and Chris Ehlers join The Culture Show to preview the highlights and prioritize the must-see productions of the season.

Ehlers is with the Boston Theater Critics Association, which Kulhawik is president of in addition to being an Emmy Award-winning arts and entertainment reporter. Ehlers, Kulhawik, and host Jared Bowen talk through "Girl From the North Country," "The Minutes," "Cost of Living," and more.

Also on today's show, an interview with Miguel Braceli. The artist grew up in Venezuela, where he could not express queer love. Today he’s in Provincetown, wrapping up an artist residency program at the Fine Arts Work Center and is working to put queer love literally on the map.

Braceli has been crowdsourcing stories about finding love in P-Town, using people’s recollections to create a large-scale art installation titled “Map of Love.” It’s just one part of Braceli’s multi-pronged art project titled Queer Fairy Tale, where he’s curated a series of exhibits, performances, and parties scheduled to take place this weekend all along Provincetown Harbor. Today on The Culture Show, Braceli talks about how P-town has been a paradise and creative catalyst for him, from the natural sights to the architecture to the people in the community.

It's all on The Culture Show — listen to the full episode above!