Does Washington have policy down to a fine art? Today on The Culture Show, host Jared Bowen is joined by Massachusetts College of Art and Design President Mary Grant to find out.

The White House recently convened its first arts summit, working with artists and arts organizations on how the arts can enrich society, from public spaces to public discourse. Grant was there for the event, and recaps the event as part of our recurring segment, AI: Actual Intelligence.

From there, for Boston-based architect Daniel Steger, the phrase “location, location, location,” took on new meaning when his house landed a supporting role in the film “American Fiction.” He joins the show to talk about getting this behind-the-scenes look into Hollywood while being temporarily relocated.

Finally, casting directors can be central to the success of films, and now the Motion Picture Academy has decided they’re eligible to win an Oscar — starting with next year's awards ceremony. Local casting director Julie Arvedon Knowlton weighs in about what her work actually entails and what this honor means for the profession.

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