Today on The Culture Show, it’s our arts and culture week in-review, where host Jared Bowen is joined by co-hosts Callie Crossley and Edgar B. Herwick III to talk through all of the happenings and unpack the headlines across Boston and beyond.

It all starts with some Friday afternoon quarterbacking, looking at the cultural touchdowns that were made during last week’s Super Bowl. From the country controversy that arose in the wake of Beyonce's two singles and Act II album announcement, to Ben Affleck and the DunKings releasing a single and selling out their Dunkin’-inspired tracksuits along the way, the cultural dialogue certainly shifted long after Kansas City won the game. How do you like them donuts?

From there, using a 32-ton Swiss Bank safe, a Russian artist is holding works by Picasso, Rembrandt and Warhol — threatening to destroy them if Julian Assange dies behind bars. Then, ahead of Presidents Day, a president’s portrait goes missing: what became of the painting of George Washington?

Plus Notre Dame’s new spire has been unveiled, marking a milestone in the cathedral’s restoration and renewing a debate about historic preservation versus modern interpretation.

Finally, the man in the mirror is Jaafar Jackson. With uncanny similarity, Michael Jackson’s nephew plays the gloved one in the new biopic, which has revealed its first production stills ahead of a 2025 release date. The film joins a plethora of recent films on famous musical lives, including Bob Marley and Amy Winehouse.

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