From the poetry of Phyllis Wheatley to the technicolor tapestries of Napoleon Jones-Henderson to Terry Lynne Carrington’s contemporary beats, Boston’s Black art and culture is everyone’s art and culture. It’s also central to Boston’s Black History, which is the city’s history. Today on The Culture Show, Embrace Boston President and CEO Imari Paris Jeffries joins host Jared Bowen to celebrate and observe Black History Month, with a focus on the importance of Black art and culture across the city.

Then, it’s all about fashion. Fashion as armor, fashion as language, fashion as identity. theo tyson is the Penny Vinik curator of fashion arts at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, and a contributor for our segment "AI: Actual Intelligence," where we tap into the most interesting thinkers in our area — totally original and algorithm-free. tyson joins The Culture Show to talk about how clothing is central to the fabric of society, both past and present.

Finally, everything is coming up roses, tulips, peonies, lilies and more at Worcester Art Museum’s Flora in Winter. The installation kicks off on Feb. 29 and it’s a four-day floral takeover.  Joining Bowen to talk about the event is Marnie Weir, director of learning and engagement at the Worcester Art Museum, who will give new meaning to the phrase "wall flowers."

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