Acclaimed conductor Seiji Ozawa led the Boston Symphony Orchestra for nearly 30 years, taking it from the 20th to the 21st century. He was a force — a maverick — whose awesome talent for interpreting music stopped legends like Leonard Bernstein cold, making Ozawa a musical titan in his own right. In light of Ozawa's passing, WCRB’s Brian McCreath joins The Culture Show to remember the maestro, the man, his musicality — and his legacy in Boston, and the world over.

From there, it's our regularly scheduled week in review. The Culture Show host Jared Bowen is joined by co-hosts Callie Crossley and Edgar B. Herwick III to unpack everything that's happened in arts and culture over the last week, starting with a first for artificial intelligence. Three students won a recent award for using artificial intelligence to demystify a scroll burned in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius; from there, an update on other ancient monuments, as the British Museum approaches a deal to return the Parthenon Marbles.

Then, how the Super Bowl became so much more than football by morphing into a super-sized, nacho-flavored force as important to American culture as it is to the sports world.

And finally, Austen’s powers — Jane Austen, that is. Hallmark is devoting an entire month of Valentine’s Day movies inspired by “Sense and Sensibility” and beyond, and The Culture Show is ready to weigh in.

All that and more on The Culture Show — listen to the full episode above!