After a jam-packed week in arts, The Culture Show is here to break down the biggest headlines. GBH Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen is joined by Callie Crossley and Edgar B Herwick III to bring the latest in television, pop culture and modern art to the forefront of Friday afternoon.

First up, it's pioneering producer Norman Lear. He dismantled TV’s nuclear family and took on radioactive topics: bigotry, abortion, poverty, politics — all of it was up for grabs, and it landed lots of laughs along the way. Listen for a close look at how his slew of successful sitcoms revolutionized television and changed the way we see ourselves.

Then it’s time for cognitive dissonance, and the opposite of Norman Lear: "The Golden Bachelor." How is it that amid acute ageism, a 72-year-old man rescued the flailing "Bachelor" franchise?

From there, did Mattel make a misstep? Their new Barbie doll honoring Cherokee leader Wilma Mankiller is getting mixed reviews and churning up mixed emotions in the Cherokee Nation.

And finally, a look at how this year’s Art Basel Miami is a flashback to the Reagan-era culture wars, when provocative art was considered obscene and arts funding was hard to come by.

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