Today on The Culture Show, it's past and presents, as GBH Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen covers "The Holdovers," the legacy of Phillis Wheatley, and the best places to buy books as we enter the holiday season.

First up, what do you call three lost souls left on a prep school campus during the holidays? The "holdovers," hence the title of Alexander Payne’s new film. Set in the 1970s, Paul Giamatti plays a Scrooge-like New England teacher, stingy with good grades and generosity. But over the winter holiday break, his heart thaws — slightly — and he forges an unlikely fellowship with a student who has been abandoned by his family and the school cook who has just lost her son who served as a soldier fighting in Vietnam. Hear from the Oscar-winning filmmaker about the making of what could become a holiday classic, shot here in Massachusetts.

Then it’s onto a bibliophile’s bliss. GBH Arts and Culture Reporter Haley Lerner brings you the ultimate holiday booksellers guide in Boston and beyond.

Finally, Tufts professor Kerri Greenidge looks at the life and legacy of Phillis Wheatley, an enslaved person who became one of the best known poets in 18th century America.

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