As has become Boston tradition, theater company Gold Dust Orphans has a new adult-themed musical parody for the holiday season.

They've done "Little Christmas Tree Shop of Horrors" and "Whatever Happened to Baby Jesus." Now it's time for a play on the cult classic "Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Gold Dust Orphans founder and playwright Ryan Landry joined Boston Public Radio on Wednesday to talk about the group's new kooky rock musical, "The Rocky Menorah Christmas Show."

"It takes place in a castle that's also a temple, and the villain is [U.S. Rep.] Marjorie Taylor Greene," Landry explained.

Landry portrays Mrs. Grinchley, the Frank-N-Furter of this show. Other "Rocky Horror" characters also have seasonal counterparts in the show: Brad and Janet are now elves, Eddie is a reindeer and Dr. Scott is Santa Claus.

Boston Public Radio hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan (in puppet form) also make an appearance as the show's narrators.

"Jim gets his comeuppance because he doesn't let Margery get a word in edgewise, and she throws him out the window," Landry said.

"That will bring people," Eagan joked.

"The Rocky Menorah Christmas Show" is being put on by Iron Wolf Theatre at the South Boston Lithuanian Hall, with performances running Nov. 30 to Dec. 23.