This week on Under the Radar with Callie Crossley:

During the height of the pandemic, medical experts characterized group singing as a potential super-spreader event. Choirs and choruses were relegated to an unsatisfying Zoom experience until some determined musicians, including a local Massachusetts couple, figured out a way for individual singers to sing together — while apart — each from the safety of their cars. These unusual melodic assemblies became so-called “driveway choirs.” Their story is captured in the new documentary, “The Drive to Sing.”

You can find their festival schedule here.


Bryce Denney is the director of the film. He is a microchip verification engineer, as well as a singer and pianist. He has a degree in physics and piano performance from Oberlin College.

Kathryn Denney is the producer of the film. She sings in the Labyrinth Choir a professional choir in Metrowest Boston, has directed choirs and has taught elementary school music for many years. She has a bachelor of music degree in French Horn from Oberlin Conservatory.