This is a special encore edition of Under the Radar with Callie Crossley. This segment originally aired on January 3, 2020.

There was a lot going on in 1969 — young people full of revolutionary fire and passion led the Civil Rights and anti-war movements. That same year one of nation’s most elite universities became the site of another kind of revolution. Yale University, whose centuries-old traditions were designed for male students, opened its doors to women. What happened after they arrived is the compelling history depicted in the new book, "Yale Needs Women: How the First Group of Girls Rewrote the Rules of an Ivy league Giant." It’s our December selection for “Bookmarked,” The Under the Radar Book Club.


Anne Gardiner Perkins - Yale class of '81, Author of Yale Needs Women

Connie Royster - Class of '72, enrolled at Yale as a transfer student from Wheaton College.

Dahlia Rudavsky - Class of '72, enrolled at Yale as a freshmen and graduate of Newton South High School in Greater Boston.

Shirley Daniels - Class of '72, enrolled as a transfer student from Boston’s Simmons College.