In this session of our pop culture roundtable:

Not a single horn or drum was spared when Beyoncé brought the style, spectacle, and thrill of southern black college marching bands to the music festival stage at Coachella. The legendary artist made history as the first black woman to take top billing at the event. Meanwhile, in the serial world of nighttime television, the battle is over for the gladiators: Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington say farewell to "Scandal"! And news about Necco wafers causes a fan frenzy!


  • Michael Jeffries, associate professor of American studies at Wellesley College. He's on Twitter as @M_P_Jeffries.
  • Rachel Rubin, professor of American studies at University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Everything you want or need to know about Beyoncé is on her website. You can even join the Beyhive.

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EXTRA BONUS: Read even more about the quirky Necco candy from the Northeast in this storyby WGBH News reporter Craig LeMoult.