Mick Flannery is a top ten artist in his native Ireland, but he's little known in America.

For now.

If I were a betting man (and occasionally I am), I'd say that with the release of his new record, Red to Blue, that is set to change. He joined us on Boston Public Radio ahead of two area appearances, including A January 23rd gig at the Burren in Davis Square, part of WGBH's A Celtic Sojourn host BrianO'Donovan's Burren Backroom series. We talked Nirvana, listening to bad music to impress girls and why his lyrics mean so much to him.

Oh, and we heard some pretty good live music. Flannery had his trusty acoustic guitar with him and played a couple of songs, including a track from the new record called Boston. I bet you can guess what that one's about.