Great Performances

Hamilton's America

GREAT PERFORMANCES follows the creation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s pop culture Broadway phenomenon Hamilton and the history behind it. Interviews with Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Nas, Questlove, Stephen Sondheim and more.

Friday at 9pm on WGBH 2



The Mysterious World of The Teenage Brain

Why can’t you get your teen out of bed in the morning? Why are they so impulsive? Dr. Frances Jensen says their still-developing brains are to blame.

Saturday at 12pm and Thursday at 9pm on 89.7 WGBH



How The Golden Age of Flying Changed America

Though air travel wasn’t as economically transformative as some experts in the 1940s predicted, it certainly sped up the pace of business, allowing companies to place satellite offices throughout the world.


American Experience


The holder of 1,093 patents, Thomas Alva Edison was nearly synonymous with invention. Driven, intensely competitive and never more at home than he was at work, Edison would be remembered as the genius who created the modern world.

Friday at 7pm on WGBH WORLD


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Can You Put a Value on Public Television?

Meet five of the millions of people whose lives have been changed by WGBH and public media.


The Contenders- 16 for '16

The Contenders: The Independents

Follow the third-party campaigns of H. Ross Perot, who in 1992 launched his campaign on a lark during a TV interview, and Ralph Nader, a consumer advocate whose candidacy in 2000 may have changed the course of history.

Tuesday at 8pm on WGBH 2

American Experience

American Experience: Tesla

Meet Nikola Tesla, the genius engineer and tireless inventor whose technology revolutionized the electrical age of the 20th century. Although eclipsed in fame by Edison and Marconi, it was Tesla’s vision that paved the way for today’s wireless world.

Tuesday at 9pm on WGBH 2


Frontline: Terror in Europe

Go inside Europe’s fight against the rise of Islamist terrorism. As Europe reels from a terror onslaught, top counter-terror officials describe their struggle to contain the unprecedented threat revealed by attacks in France and Belgium.

Tuesday at 10pm on WGBH 2


'Mansplaining' GOP Defends Trump With Guys Who Make The Problem Worse

Roughly 90 percent of Republican governors, U.S. senators, and U.S. representatives are men. Their top staff and consultants are similarly gender-tilted.


Jacksonville: Hour Two

Highlights include a Babyland Rag topsy-turvy doll, an Art Deco bracelet watch, and Robert E. Lee’s map of battle areas around Richmond.

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