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Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagram


  • Focus on the data in the Venn diagram, not on its appearance.
  • Provide the data in brief statements.
  • Give a summary if one is immediately apparent.
  • Include the caption only if it is not accessible from elsewhere in the text. In this example, the caption is part of the image file and is therefore only accessible as part of the description.


A Venn diagram captioned: "In a survey of 250 European travelers, 93 have traveled to Africa, 155 have traveled to Asia, and 70 have traveled to both of these continents, as illustrated in the Venn diagram above."

The Venn diagram shows 2 intersecting circles, one labeled Africa 93 and the other labeled Asia 155. The area of intersection is labeled 70.

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