Every season, the GBH Drama staff sit down to watch the latest and greatest in British dramas. And now, just a few short months after the last season, we have the springtime return of PBS favorite, Call The Midwife. Between our scrappy nurses, sassy nuns and gut-wrenching emotional trauma that somehow keeps you wanting more, there’s a lot to be excited about. Need a refresher on what happened last season? Check out our Season 10 and 2021 Holiday Special recaps here. Ready? Take a deep (lamaze) breath, and prepare yourself for Season 11!

Last week ended on a bit of a somber note, and I know Sister Monica Joan, at least, shares my low key constant worry that something bad is going to happen in the next two episodes. However, the rest of the squad seems pretty chill, with the exception of young Timothy Turner, who’s returned from school wretchedly sick. By contrast, Lucille is looking a whole lot better, smiling broadly as she meets up with the rest of the group at Nonnatus. Before they can start their day, Boots reads the latest headline regarding the 1967 Abortion Act.

Boots: It passed in the house of commons — does that mean it’s legal now?
Sister Hilda: Yeah, but it’ll take at least another year until it goes into effect.
Sister Frances: Anything that puts us closer to ending back-alley abortions is good news.
Lucille: Hear hear!
Sister Hilda: Anyway, to business: Lucille, you’re on hospital duty, Sister Frances, you’re at the maternity home, I’ve got a mum with pubic symphysis separation, and Boots, you’ve got a bunch of new mums to visit. Boots?

But Boots is still too deeply engrossed in the newspaper to pay attention properly. When everyone heads out to complete their tasks, Boots slowly follows, taking the paper with her.

Across town, guess who’s got mono? Yes, it’s young Tim, who has of course already figured out his diagnosis and isn’t particularly amused by Shelagh’s “ooooh, don’t they call that the kissing disease?” from the kitchen. Tim dodges the question, which I guess makes sense given that both of his parents and at least two of his tiny siblings are present.

A hobbit says "alright then, keep your secrets."

Meanwhile, back at Nonnatus, Sister Hilda sits down with Sister Julienne to talk about something that’s troubling her: with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein, how will they solve a problem like Boots? Sister Hilda is worried that Boots isn’t concentrating properly, but she doesn’t want to undermine the younger woman’s confidence. Instead, she wants to show her just how much she’s capable of. Can’t wait to see how they propose to do THAT.

Back at the surgery, Shelagh tells all of her coworkers that Tim came home looking like crap. Somehow, I don’t think Tim will appreciate this sharing of his personal information with these women (especially since they’re also kind of his coworkers) but hey:

Kermit the Frog sips tea with a caption that reads "But that's none of my business"

Shelagh’s main complaint, hilariously, is Tim’s long hair, because some things really never do change, especially when it comes to mothers having very specific ideas regarding their sons’ haircuts. Anyway, back to work: how many train tickets should Miss Higgins get for the upcoming obstetrics conference? Three: both of the Turners and Sister Julienne will attend. That actually sounds like a kind of fun work trip squad, but before we hear more, a young mum arrives for her baby’s appointment.

Sister Frances: Oh hey, Kiddo, good to see you again!
Kiddo: Same! Sister Frances, this is my foster mother. We’re all here to have my baby’s skin looked at: it’s super dry!
Dr. Turner: Great — come on back!

Despite Dr. Turner being maybe the least intimidating man on television, this gives Kiddo pause, and she asks Sister Frances to come with her. Somehow I feel like this backstory is going to be tremendously messed up, so it’s a relief to both Kiddo and me when Sister Frances agrees. In the exam room, Dr. Turner explains that Kiddo’s baby Dean has eczema, and Kiddo will need to use a prescription lotion, and a special bath soap.

Sister Frances: Just remember that this stuff is going to make him EXTRA slippery; so be careful during bathtime.
Kiddo: Gotcha. And this will make him better?
Dr. Turner: It’ll help, but we’ll have to keep an eye out.
Sister Frances: If you want, I can stop by to check on you?
Kiddo: That’d be great: I’m with my foster mom now, but once I turn 16 the council will give Dean and me a place of our own.

Oof, I know we’ve had our share of young parents on this show, but 15 is just SO young, especially to be imminently living alone! Meanwhile, across town, Sister Hilda arrives at the home of her patient with the pubic symphysis separation, who I’m calling Loose Hips. Heading inside, Sister Hilda finds that poor Loose Hips is in even worse condition than the last time she visited.

Loose Hips: I’ve started having real trouble getting up the stairs… but I’ll be ok!
Loose Hips’ Husband: She hates making a fuss.
Sister Hilda: Well *I* enjoy it. There’s no reason we can’t help with your pain, even if it is only for another few weeks.
Loose Hips: Ok. Ugh, husband, you’re one to talk! Sister Hilda, his glasses are wrong and are giving him headaches, and he won’t go to the doctor!

This is clearly a well-trod argument that’s mostly the two of them trying to take care of each other, and Sister Hilda isn’t immediately alarmed, but look: I’ve watched enough of this show to get worried when someone has “just a headache,” ya know?

A man says "I'm just saying."

Back at Nonnatus, the group discusses their day, specifically, Kiddo, who everyone feels is pretty young to be totally on her own. Well, everyone except Boots, who obviously has a good reason to defend the young mother.

Boots: I think it’s nice that she’s getting the chance to raise her own baby! Unlike some of us!
Sister Frances: She’s definitely very excited, so that’s good.
Sister Hilda, spotting her opportunity: Say, Boots: I think it’d be good for you to be in charge of the morning schedule! Unless you think it’d be too much?
Boots, taking the bait: Nah, I can handle it!

Good scheming, sisters! They might immediately come to regret it, however: the very next morning, poor Boots’ alarm clock fails, leaving her late to the morning meeting she herself is meant to be running. Lucille and Sister Frances hightail it out of the room as quickly as possible, leaving Sister Hilda to deliver the requisite “I'm not mad, I’m just disappointed” speech.

Sister Hilda: I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed! You have to work on your attention to detail!

Meanwhile, over at Kiddo’s foster mom’s house, Sister Frances arrives and is let in by said foster parent, who explains that Kiddo’s had a rough night (possibly partly because her attempt to chat up a boy in the hall was cut short the prior evening by her foster mum, but who can say for sure).

Sister Frances: Ah, so you probably had a rough night too then?
Foster Mum: Eh, not so much, we’re used to it! We normally foster little kids. TBH, not sure I’d take in another one like Kiddo again: she’s a mother, but she’s still a hormonal teen!

All that makes sense, but Kiddo’s also got a kid with a hard to manage skin condition, and poor baby Dean just will not stop crying. Sister Frances is on the case, so at least that’s something. Under her supervision, Kiddo does a fairly good job with bathtime, and then opens up a bit.

Kiddo: He’s so annoying: he behaves so well for other people, but he’s always horrible with me. I don’t think he likes me.
Sister Frances: Ok well first of all, babies are sometimes just like that. And the second part is absolutely not true! Crying is how he communicates with you: when he cries it’s because he wants you. You’re his whole world.

Having set Kiddo’s mind at ease, at least a bit, Sister Frances heads out to the balcony to debrief with Foster Mum.

Sister Frances: She’s sensitive, huh?
Foster Mum: Insecure, yeah. It’s not unusual for foster kids: it sounds like Kiddo’s mum would just disappear any time she found a new boyfriend. It makes sense that Kiddo desperately wants affection. She’s got boys stopping by all the time! I mean we run them off, but still! I’m worried about what will happen when she’s on her own: I'm not sure she can defend herself.

Across town, Sister Hilda arrives to visit Loose Hips and finds Loose Hips’ Husband staring into space by the front door. He says he’s just got a lot on his mind, but again, this could be bad.

A woman says "really, really, really bad."

While he heads off to work, Sister Hilda goes inside and reveals her secret weapon: a specialized girdle. Let’s all hope it helps! And speaking of helpful, Sister Frances has dropped by the surgery to ask Dr. Turner if there’s anything they can do to help keep Kiddo safe, at least from unwanted pregnancy.

Dr. Turner: We could talk to her about the pill?
Sister Frances: She’s got so much going on, I’m not sure she’d be good about taking it on time.
Dr. Turner: We have funding to fit vulnerable kids with IUDs. They’re super effective, and she could get it inserted at the clinic. You should still let her know that it won’t protect against STIs though.
Sister Frances: Perfect!

Now look: anyone who knows me IRL knows that as a former public health professional and sex educator, I am a MASSIVE fan of the modern iteration of the IUD. Me and the IUD?

Two men do a very groovy high five.

But the early versions had a well-deserved reputation for being pretty dangerous AND if the worry here is that Kiddo will be having sex with multiple partners, STIs are actually a pretty big concern. I get that Sister Frances feels protective of this kid, but it’s paternalistic and potentially dangerous to push someone to make an uninformed decision about their reproductive health!

While I climb down off my soapbox, Sister Frances accompanies Kiddo to her new council flat. Sister Frances has concerns about the space: where will Kiddo hang diapers to dry? And where will baby Dean sleep when he outgrows the provided crib? But Kiddo isn’t worried: she’s excited to have her own space. Perhaps assuming there’s no time like the present, Sister Frances dives right into the “let’s get you an IUD” conversation.

Kiddo: Wait, it gets inserted? Inserted where??
Sister Frances: Your uterus! And if you want to have another baby later on…
Kiddo: Dude, I don’t even want to do what it takes to get pregnant ever again.
Sister Frances: You might not always feel that way though.
Kiddo: I’m done with boys. Seriously.

Later, at the clinic, Shelagh asks Miss Higgins to cancel her ticket to the midwifery conference: Tim is still pretty sick, and she doesn’t want to leave him. Every time he seems to be getting better he wears himself out again! In the back room, Sister Frances tells Boots how crummy Kiddo’s new apartment seems to her.

Boots: Yeah, but don’t forget: it’s the first place she’s been able to call her own. When you grow up in the system everywhere feels temporary.
Sister Frances: Oh no! Is that how you feel at Nonnatus?
Boots, honest: A little less every day.
Sister Frances: She also said she was done with men.
Boots: LOL, I mean, we’ve all said that.
Sister Frances, a literal nun: Well… yeah.
Boots: Fair play. But I doubt Kiddo is going to become a nun.
Sister Julienne, entering: Boots! I have to tell you, I was worried when Sister Hilda suggested you take over scheduling, but you’ve been doing a great job. So I would like you to come with me to this upcoming midwifery conference.
Boots: Me?
Sister Julienne: It’s a great professional development opportunity! Anyway, just FYI, we have to leave super early on Saturday.
Boots: Oh… I usually spend Saturdays with Colette. But… she knows I have to work sometimes.

Boots, it must be noted, says that with confidence that I’m not really sure she actually feels. By contrast, when Sister Frances stops by to visit Kiddo, her patient is absolutely brimming with confidence, and settling into her new space nicely. Baby Dean’s eczema seems to be clearing up, but by contrast, poor Kiddo’s hands are now red and raw. Sister Frances immediately checks for bed bugs with the kind of cheerful determination I, a person who’s legit afraid of the things, find very admirable. Thankfully, she doesn’t see anything, but that still leaves us with an itchy mystery!

Sister Frances: I’m pretty stumped; I think you’ll need to see Dr. Turner. And maybe while we’re there… IUD?
Kiddo: I told you I don’t need that! I don’t even know anyone.
Sister Frances: Oh, Kiddo :(
Kiddo: I just got so used to being around other people, you know? I didn’t realize it’d be so hard on my own. I feel bad; I’m not really alone am I?
Sister Frances: Well, sure, but you can’t really have a conversation with a baby can you? Look, you need to get out and make some friends. I can help with baby Dean.

Meanwhile, at Nonnatus, Lucille fields a call from Loose Hips’ Husband, who explains that his wife’s been having really horrible pain for about an hour. Lucille, naturally, heads straight over, only to find out that Loose Hips is actually just having some pesky Braxton Hicks contractions, which means she’s going to have the baby soon, but probably not tonight. Poor Loose Hips, who’s in a lot of pain, is understandably pretty upset to get this news, but as always Lucille is warm, thoughtful, and brimming with compassion.

Over at Nonnatus, Sister Hilda’s evening of sterilizing equipment is interrupted by Boots.

Sister Hilda: I hear you’re going to the conference! That’s exciting!
Boots: I guess. If you want to go instead of me, you’re welcome.
Sister Hilda: Not sure you can decide that; Sister Julienne offered it to you! And you said yes!
Boots: I know, but it’s just that it’s on my one day off. It’s not just getting to sleep in for me; I miss out on time with my kid.
Sister Hilda: But you’ll see her next week.
Boots: Classic non-parent answer! Look, Saturdays are special for us: it’s our time to be together. I don’t want to miss it, you know? But I also don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Basically I have to pick between what’s good for my kid and what’s good for me, and it’s hard, and I don’t think I should HAVE to choose.

Hard to argue with that, even though Boots says it in a pretty intense way. Later, Sister Hilda knocks on Boots’ door, and is met with an immediate apology.

Boots: I’ll be less grouchy next time, and you were right: there will be other days off, and what’s good for my future is also good for Colette.
Sister Hilda: Actually, I came here to say YOU were right: it’s not fair that you have to choose between your role as a mom and a midwife. What if I take your on-call shift on Sunday so you can have the day with Colette?
Boots: I can’t let you do that! Sunday is YOUR special day to spend with someone important.
Sister Hilda: LOL, I think He’ll be cool about it.

Selfless deed accomplished, Sister Hilda gets downstairs just in time to find Sister Frances has done something similar, although HER selfless deed is a lot noisier: she’s agreed to watch Kiddo’s baby while Kiddo attends a dance at the youth club, provided she return to grab baby Dean before the Great Silence. Thankfully, all of Sister Hilda’s coworkers are obviously pretty down with babies, but Sister Julienne still lightly puts her foot down: they’re midwives, not babysitters. While they feed baby Dean, Kiddo gets into a car driven by the boy we saw her chatting to in the hallway earlier!

A woman holding two martinis says "drama, drama, drama" to her friend.

Over at Loose Hips house, she and her husband are continuing to be super sweet, making plans for their sleepless nights when the baby arrives and gently ribbing each other about household chores. They also talk about how much older they are now than when they had their last kid ten years ago.

Loose Hips: So you’re worried because you think I’m old?
Loose Hips’ Husband: Nooo, because I think *I* am old: every day I notice a new sign of aging. I’ve started walking into rooms and forgetting why I’m there.
Loose Hips: You’ve always been like that though! Your dreaminess is one of the reasons I love you. I wish we didn’t have to wait so long to have this baby, but I’m glad it’s almost here.

Awwww! Ok, ready for something a lot less cute? It’s well past when Kiddo said she’d be back to Nonnatus, and she’s nowhere to be found. Sister Frances does her best to stop baby Dean from crying, but everyone is annoyed. Meanwhile, Kiddo’s been kicked out of Mysterious Hall Boy’s car. She’s tearfully apologizing for something, but he doesn’t even give a backward glance as he drives away, leaving her stranded in the middle of nowhere with no choice but to walk back.

Kiddo, ringing the bell VERY late: I’m so sorry, don’t be mad!
Sister Frances: I’m not, I’m worried. What happened? Were you with a boy?
Kiddo: We were only talking, and he didn’t like what I had to say, so I won’t be seeing him again. Happy?
Sister Frances: Not really! And what’s up with your skin? Let me take a look.
Kiddo: Thanks for babysitting. Don’t worry, I won’t be back.

YIKES. That didn’t go great. Thankfully, Sister Julienne’s seen the whole thing, and is there to offer Sister Frances some support: yes, she wants to help, but it may be that Kiddo needs to take responsibility for herself. Professional distance is important! Sister Frances does get it, but she’s also obviously not totally able to shut off the part of her that’s already invested, so this will not be easy for anyone.

The next day, Loose Hips’ daughter knocks on the Nonnatus door and tells Sister Hilda she’s got to come: Loose Hips can’t get out of bed. Sister Hilda, naturally, sends the kiddo off to school and then heads right over to help out. After taking one look at this situation, our friend has a plan: clean clothes, clean sheets, and then they’re heading to the maternity home, because Loose Hips is going to need nursing care until the baby arrives.

Across town, Sister Frances brings Dr. Turner to Kiddo’s flat to try and convince her to let them look at her scratched up hands. But when they knock on the door, nobody answers, even though they can hear baby Dean crying inside. On a whim, Dr. Turner tries the door, and finds it unlocked. Opening it, they see Kiddo lying on the ground, not moving. Dr. Turner rushes in and rolls her over, and thankfully she wakes up right away. After making sure her baby is ok, Kiddo tells them that she was picking Dean up when suddenly the floor felt like it fell away. She’s looking a little jaundiced, so Dr. Turner tells her they should go to the hospital: Sister Frances will ride along with her and bring baby Dean.

Back at the maternity home, Sister Hilda’s settling Loose Hips in when her husband arrives, worried: is everything ok?

Sister Hilda: Oh, definitely, we just can provide better care here, and make sure she rests.
Loose Hips’ Husband: Phew, makes sense. You haven’t slept in what feels like weeks!
Loose Hips: I knew I was keeping you up!
Sister Hilda: You do look tired… this is going to be good for everyone. You can BOTH get some good rest!

And after sorting out their daughter’s newfound latchkey kid status, they both heave a sigh of relief. Everything is fine!

A woman gives a thumbs up and says "fingers crossed."

At the hospital, Sister Frances gets some not so great news from the doctor who’s examined Kiddo: she doesn’t have a concussion, but he can’t figure out why she fainted. But the doctor isn’t worried; it’s pretty normal for pregnant women to faint.

Sister Frances, short circuiting:

A man says "I'm sorry, what did you just say?"

Doctor: Oh yeah, didn’t you know? She’s heading into the third trimester.
Sister Frances: Oh boy. Can I see her? And you noticed she’s a bit jaundiced, right?
Doctor: We did. Took some blood for testing. Head right on in, she’s asking for you.

Once inside the room, Sister Frances comforts a tearful Kiddo. It seems that our friend was really hoping that if she just ignored the issue it’d go away.

Sister Frances: So… the father?
Kiddo: Yes, it’s the guy I was talking to the other night. But he doesn’t want to get involved. It’s just like Dean’s dad all over again. I don’t want a baby any more than either of them did, but I’m not a guy so I can’t just walk away. I just wanted someone to love me.

A man weeps

Over at the Turner residence, Dr. T returns to find Tim totally passed out on the couch, open book propped on his chest.

Tim, waking up: Oh hey! Want to quiz me on the limbic system?
Dr. Turner: Yeah, go on. And then you can tell me all the complications of mono.
Tim: But those only happen in severe cases! I can’t afford to fall behind because of some virus!
Dr. Turner: It’s not a competition! And even if it was, it'd be a marathon, not a sprint! When *I* was in training…
Tim: Please don't do that. Things have changed a LOT since you were in school, and/or you’ve forgotten how hard it is!
Dr. Turner: I could never forget that! I’m just worried!
Tim: Look, I know it’s hard for you and mum to understand, but I’m an adult! This is my career and my life: I have to make these decisions for myself! You can’t stop me from failing, dad. And if you don’t stop smothering me, I will fail.

And with that, he storms off in a huff, as much as any mono-ridden 20 year old can storm anywhere. Gotta say, hard to argue with him, but I also get why the Turner parents are worried: I’m not even a character on the show and I still think of Tim as a wee kiddo! Anyway, the next day, Sister Julienne and Boots head out for their conference bright and early in the morning, seen off by Sister Monica Joan, and another ominous crow. Again, no thanks! Let’s opt out of tragedy this season, huh?

At the maternity home, Loose Hips’ attempt to work on her knitting is interrupted by more pain. Is she in labor? My guess is yes. Also in labor? Kiddo, whose water breaks at the hospital when she gets up to use the lavatory. Meanwhile, at the conference, Boots brings her colleagues their hot caffeinated beverages, and starts a chat about epidurals. Do sound too good to be true?

Sister Julienne: I don’t know, but we have found that pain relief has made a huge difference for our patients. But how is a woman supposed to move around or push if she can’t feel anything?
Dr. Turner: We’re probably going to see more forceps deliveries. But remember how much gas and air changed things? When was that… 1958?
Boots: Wow, that wasn’t that long ago, was it? Now come on, let’s go get good seats for the next talk!

Awww, our baby is all grown up and thriving in her professional development opportunity! Go Boots go! Back at the hospital, Sister Frances arrives just as the staff is wheeling Kiddo into a delivery room. Kiddo is, understandably, pretty worried: the baby is arriving early, and she isn’t prepared. Can Sister Frances come with her? The midwife in charge of Kiddo’s case says it’s not allowed, but Sister Frances protests: Kiddo is only 16. She’s in early labor, and has had no prenatal care. If she’s going to stay calm, she needs support. Support this midwife, who’s going to have to focus on the comlex clinical side of things, can’t provide. Reluctantly, the hospital midwife agrees, but only if Sister Frances is there solely in a support role.

A woman says "Fair enough."

Back at the conference, Boots continues to soak in every ounce of the opportunity, much to the delight of both Sister Julienne and Dr. Turner. And as the day wraps up, all three get onto a train packed with rowdy football fans to return home. A train which is coincidentally conducted by our very own Loose Hips’ Husband! As they take their seats, Boots continues to revel in all the weird new stuff they learned that day, and Dr. Turner luxuriates in not having to drive, even if they will be sharing the carriage with a lot of boisterous passengers. It’s at this point that I start to worry something is going to go awry with this journey. I better not be right.

While they start their trip home, both of our patients continue to labor, assisted by our nun friends. At Nonnatus, Sister Monica Joan takes advantage of the empty house to enjoy Dr. Who, and at the Turner house, Shelagh cleans out her husband’s medical bag and has a chat with Tim.

Tim: You hate my haircut, huh?
Shelagh: Oh, 100%. But it’s your hair; your call. However, I can’t not say something about how you talked to your dad the other night.
Tim: You weren’t there!
Shelagh: But I saw how hurt he was. And I was also there this morning when I was complaining and he spoke up for you. He’d die for you; you have to apologize.

Back at the hospital, Kiddo delivers her baby, supported by a worried Sister Frances. Almost immediately, the midwife whisks the baby away for oxygen, which isn’t totally surprising since it’s premature, but is scary nonetheless. The midwife confirms that the baby is a girl, but doesn’t say anything else to Kiddo, who naturally begins to panic.

At the Buckle residence, Fred and Reggie listen to the radio for the results of a football match that they’ve bet on (classic Fred), and upstairs, Cyril and Lucille welcome the members of their church into the flat for services. Vi runs into A for Effort at a coffee shop and sits down to ask him if he’s heard from Trixie. Yes, of course, and Vi is extremely delighted to hear even this tiny scrap about their cute relationship (likewise, Vi!).

On the train, Boots has just headed off in search of the toilets when the trolley lady stops by and recognizes Dr. Turner and Sister Julienne. As it happens, the Nonnatus team delivered all nine (NINE) of her children! Small world!

Dr. Turner: Oh yeah, I remember: that last one was BIG.
Trolley Lady: You should see him now: he’s over 200lbs. Does heavyweight boxing! I’ll tell you what, off all my accomplishments, nothing beats being a mum to my kids. Tea is on me.

Awww! Speaking of being a mum, back in Poplar, Loose Hips’ labor is progressing nicely. Sister Hilda’s made a call to the station manager, and Loose Hips’ Husband’s train is on time and should arrive soon, so he’ll probably get there in time for the birth. Folks, this is where I, a person who’s watched far too much television, really start to get worried, and I fear I may be correct: back on the train, Loose Hips’ Husband is hit with another headache. Taking off his glasses and scrubbing his eyes, he reaches into his pocket to grab more pain medication. And then, he appears to start having a seizure. In this state, he blows through a red light, and then another, and as he falls backwards he pulls a lever, accelerating the train even more.

In the carriage, Sister Julienne and Dr. Turner realize something is wrong; they’re going too fast, and turning to look out the window, they see another train barrelling towards them on a parallel track. The two trains collide, sending our friends inside the train flying, and causing an explosion that blows out windows across Poplar. On the train, Boots stumbles back from the bathroom, but can’t get into the carriage where she had been sitting with Dr. Turner and Sister Julienne. One of the other passengers pulls her away from the door to an exit before we find out the fate of her companions.

At the Robinson’s, Lucille and Cyril escort the congregation, many of whom have superficial injuries, out of the flat. Downstairs, A for Effort and Vi arrive back at the shop to find Fred preparing to round up the Civil Defense Corps to go check out the explosion. A for Effort volunteers to get everyone else out of the area as quickly as possible, in case the buildings collapse, and Lucille says she’ll set up a first aid station at Nonnatus. As A for Effort and Lucille start leading everyone to the house, Cyril heads back into the flat to try and get Mrs. Wallace, who’s missing. Inside, he finds her sitting on the steps: she wanted to make sure everyone else got out, but now she can’t see, because she’s got a piece of glass in her eye. She asks Cyril to take it out, but he does exactly the right thing and doesn’t touch it (never pull out a thing that’s impaling someone, folks: leave it for the professionals).

Cyril leads Mrs. Wallace out onto the street and over to Nonnatus, where Sister Monica Joan welcomes everyone inside. When a police officer arrives, he confirms what we already knew: there’s been a train crash and derailment. It’s at this point that Miss Higgins, who after all booked the tickets, puts two and two together. Back on the train, everyone in the carriage with Dr. Turner and Sister Julienne is horribly still, except Trolley Lady, who is weakly calling out for Sister Julienne. After a second that feels like hours, Dr. Turner stirs on the floor, but he doesn’t get up. Outside, Boots tries to get back into the carriage, but is again pulled away by another passenger. And that, as they say, is the show. Did Sister Julienne and Dr. Turner survive the crash? Are any of our other friends in serious danger? We won’t know until next week’s season finale: all we can do is hope.

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