Every season, the GBH Drama staff sit down to watch the latest and greatest in British dramas. And now, after years of waiting, it is my great pleasure to finally be here recapping season 2 of Sanditon! Romance! Drama! Sea bathing! It's all coming together: let's go.

How are we somehow at the season 2 finale already?? I don’t want to accept it, but alas: we must. While I get bummed out about the wait we’ll have until season 3, Charlotte debriefs her lady friends on the whole Mystery Dad vs. Colonel No Service situation: Mystery Dad is good, and we all now hate Colonel No Service! Georgiana and Hurricane Heywood are both mortified: what a misunderstanding! And they encouraged Charlotte to hang out with Colonel No Service! OH NO!

Charlotte: It’s ok, we were all fooled. But we all learned an important lesson: don’t trust soldiers.
Georgiana: Or artists.
Hurricane Heywood: I don’t know, there’s at least one good soldier who I like a lot!
Charlotte and Georgiana:

Two women look at each other, amused

Hurricane Heywood: Oh NO, am I into him? Yikes!

LOL, yikes indeed! In actually bad news, over at Lady D’s house, Dr. Fuchs is hovering over Esther and telling her what happened last night. She’s super high and confused, and unfortunately she shares that information with the room, adding that sometimes she wants to harm herself. Hey, I hate this! If Esther doesn’t eventually get her groove back and wipe that smirk off Horrible Ed’s face, I will absolutely lose it.

Anyway, back at the Parker house, young Jilted has stopped by to visit Hurricane Heywood.

Jilted: I’m really bad at feelings, but over the last few weeks I’ve grown …
Hurricane Heywood:

A woman flips through multiple cue cards that read "go on"

Jilted: … to consider you a friend.
Hurricane Heywood:

A small child says "I'm fine" and then immediately starts crying

Jilted: I hope you’ll accept this token to remember me by. Don’t open it until you get home, ok?

And then he hands her what I have to assume is his weirdo poetry notebook and scoots out of there like a WUSS. On the plus side, Jilted clearly immediately regrets being such a wuss, and we still have like 45 minutes left on this episode so *slaps roof of car* this bad boy can still fit so much romantic denouement in it.

Across town, Horrible Ed makes his move: Esther could be dangerous! Won’t someone think of the children!? Annoyingly, Dr. Fuchs buys this line of bullcrap, but Lady D isn’t ready to give up just yet. Surely there’s some kind of treatment they can try! As the men start to discuss institutionalizing Esther, Lady D watches in horror. Same, Lady D!

Also a bummer? At Wannabe Byron’s studio, Single and Loving It, who’s escorting Georgiana for her sitting, picks up on the fact that our painter friend is preparing to quit town.

Single and Loving It: Oh no!
Wannabe Byron: Can’t help it, I’m afraid: I’m a restless soul!
Georgiana: Where are you going btw?
Wannabe Byron: Touring the continent… with a special someone?
Single and Loving It, reading between the lines: Oh, congratulations! Who is it?
Wannabe Byron, shooting his shot: Let’s just say she’s the most inspiring muse a person could ask for. Anyway, painting’s done!

Everyone scampers over to take a look, and Georgiana seems particularly overcome. Did Wannabe Byron succeed in capturing her, he asks? Yes, 100%. Guys, wtf, this still doesn’t resolve the whole “are they gonna go on a world tour together” question!

First, we head back to the Parkers, where Mary is done playing around. She’s got the Regency equivalent of an Excel spreadsheet in hand, and isn’t about to listen to Tom’s apologies re: his debt to the colonel. Looking at the numbers, she suggests that they borrow from their kids’ savings, but I’m hoping a solution might have just arrived in the mail: Sidney’s stuff has finally landed from Antigua. Tom and Arthur start going through their brother’s things, reminiscing, until they find a letter addressed to Tom. Will Sidney somehow save the day again from beyond the grave? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Horrible Ed is happily crowing about his success to Clara: the plan worked! Babs will come back to find Esther in the asylum! She’ll never be able to steal their money… er, Baby George’s money now! All Clara has to do is keep Esther’s glass full at the wedding breakfast. While Clara is faced with yet another moral dilemma, at Thornfield By The Sea, Charlotte arrives at work in time to see Mystery Dad adorably playing with his cute dog. Looking up, he spots her, and then invites her to take a walk around the grounds. Whatever could they discuss??? As they walk, Mystery Dad apologizes for telling Charlotte so much, and asks her to keep everything he told her on the DL. Of course, she agrees.

Charlotte: Look, I too have been through the wringer, romance-wise. In fact, I’d completely sworn off love. But uh… I’ve realized I can’t hide from my feelings. I have to live my life; shouldn’t you do the same thing?

Mystery Dad evidently agrees, because he hauls off and plants a BIG OL KISS on our heroine, for the second time in as many days. But unfortunately for those of us watching at home, the scene is cut short by Fun Housekeeper, who looks genuinely worried. Why? Because Leo is once again MIA. Not super shocking given that she overheard the whole sad story of her parentage last night, but worrisome nonetheless, especially for Charlotte and Mystery Dad, who don’t know that Leo knows what she knows (apologies for that sentence, but you get it).

Back at the Parker House, Tom reads Sidney’s letter, which induces him to maintain his vision for Sanditon and keep taking risks. One risk that needs to be avoided, however? The appalling jackass trying to get at Georgiana’s money, who we learned about back in episode four. And finally, we get a name for that jackass: he’s Wannabe Byron, and he’s been under our noses seducing us all this entire time! As we gasp, he’s literally making out with Georgiana, who got away from Single and Loving It on the pretense of grabbing the purse she left behind in the studio! NO!

A man yells "No! God! No! God! No! Please! No! No! No! Noooooooooooo!"

And the stress just keeps on mounting: over at Thornfield By The Sea, Fun Housekeeper explains that everyone has tossed the house, but nobody can find Leo. Charlotte, however, spots a distraught Augusta loitering on the stair and immediately realizes her older charge knows something. After some prodding, she reveals that Leo woke her up late last night, said she was eavesdropping on Mystery Dad, and had decided to go talk to Colonel No Service. So just a really great choice for a small child to make! Everyone springs into action and hightails it outta there, but the good news is that over at the encampment, Leo’s been waylaid by Jilted, the only soldier I still trust on this show.

At Lady D’s, the family and Gross Priest awkwardly prepare for the day ahead. Will anyone else be joining the group at the church?

Lady D: Uh, no! We’re trying to get this whole secret shameful situation sorted swiftly and sneakily.
Gross Priest: Fair enough. Don’t worry, I only picked moderately interminable hymns and will keep the sermon brief.
Esther, correct, if out of it: A funeral service might be a better fit.
Horrible Ed: Sorry about Esther — let’s toast! To my beautiful wife-to-be Clara!

And that, for some reason, is what does it. Clara slams her hand down on the top of Esther’s glass, and when that’s not looking like enough, picks it up and smashes it on the floor, before delivering an ultimatum: will Horrible Ed come clean, or will Clara have to do it?

Meryl Streep yells "yes!" and points

Disaster averted, and just in time! Speaking of disasters, Georgiana’s right in the middle of trying to jump into one headfirst: she’s packing a small suitcase, and assembling a series of letters to her friends in Sanditon.

An alien yells "It's a trap!"

Fortunately for our collective poor nerves, just then the entire Parker party arrives to speak with her, looking exactly as grim as one would expect from a group of people who just realized their friend has been flirting with a fortune-hunting monster for several episodes.

Back at Lady D’s, Clara goes about explaining everything to the assembled group, but particularly Esther. Horrible Ed, naturally, tries to deny everything, but it’s hard to do when nobody likes him. Honestly, I think Clara takes a lot more responsibility for this than she should, and Lady D is about ready to throw her out with Horrible Ed, but Esther comes to Clara’s defense: they’ve both been victims of that sleazy good-for-nothing.

A woman happy cries while fist pumping.

In a significantly less touching reveal, over at the encampment, young Leo chats with Colonel No Service.

Colonel No Service: Do your parents know you’re here?
Leo: Don’t have any! My mother is dead; I never knew her. But YOU did.
Colonel No Service: Ok, sure kid, whatever.
Leo, undeterred: Her name was Lucy. I had to meet you to see if you actually were my real father. So… care to comment?

And then Mystery Dad and Charlotte dash into the tent just in time for the big reveal: Colonel No Service denies that he’s Leo’s dad. Now look, I have a sneaking suspicion this clown just lied through his teeth. However, I feel like Mystery Dad is a way better parent, despite his absenteeism, than Colonel No Service could ever hope to be, so maybe this is for the best? Outside, the Mystery Family debriefs.

Mystery Dad: Why didn’t you come and talk to me?
Leo: I figured you’d be mad at me.
Mystery Dad: I’m not. Leo, no matter what you thought you heard, I’m your dad, ok? And I always will be. All I meant was that I haven’t been the dad you deserved, and I’m gonna change my behavior starting now.
Leo: Even though you’re all boring and not a colonel I’m still glad it’s you: I was sad to think I might not be your daughter.

A crying man smiles through the pain

Of course, they hug it out, and then Mystery Dad asks Charlotte if he can take Leo home so he can have a final word with Colonel No Service, probably about how they both actually do know how to do math and have thus figured out that Colonel No Service isn't being honest. But first, we head across the camp to our pals Captain Loverboy and Jilted.

Captain Loverboy: So, should we go ask Charlotte if Hurricane Heywood’s gone?
Jilted, glum: Nah, I already said goodbye.
Captain Loverboy: You know what, you’re my buddy, and I love ya, but for the first time in your life you’re being a COWARD.

You know what, even a stopped clock is right twice a day! Get it together, Jilted! In a less convivial conversation, Mystery Dad thanks Colonel No Service for lying, and that absolute jackass responds by telling our pal that he should take better care of Leo than he did of her mom. WTF, GUY?

Colonel No Service, doubling down on being absolutely wretched: I remember what Lucy was like when I met her: lost, abandoned, sad.
Mystery Dad: Ok, WOAH. I might not have always been a perfect husband, but I sure as hell didn’t abandon her… that was YOU.
Colonel No Service: All I did was “comfort” her when you couldn’t. And since I’m leaning into my villain persona, I’ll just say that I definitely noticed that Charlotte is in love with you… can you trust yourself to not fail a second wife?
Mystery Dad, absolutely DONE with this nonsense: You're not good enough to say their names.

Mystery Dad, you’re doing amazing sweetie! All you have to do to stick the landing is to not let this get in your head and ruin the cute thing you've got going with Charlotte! Across town, Wannabe Byron is lurking around outside the Parker's house waiting to fully spring his trap on Georgiana. But thankfully, our queen is a step ahead, and asks him if he’s really sure he still wants to marry her, since she’s a mixed race woman who was trying to steal the fortune of a man who wasn’t really even her dad… isn’t that what he said in the Antiguan courts? Now obviously, Wannabe Byron tries to backpedal and convince Georgiana that he’s grown to actually like her in all these weeks of trying to screw her over, but Georgiana isn’t buying it, and neither are the Parkers, who appear in her corner.

Wannabe Byron: We can still go travel the world! Do you really want to be stuck here in this crappy town with these losers?
Arthur, stepping in: We may be losers, but we are HONEST and sincere.
Georgiana: Yeah, no contest: I’m picking my friends. Toodles!

Take THAT, jerk! And speaking of just desserts, over at Lady D’s, she takes the opportunity to monologue at Horrible Ed like a Bond villain (something that I really feel more people should try out, if given the chance). What SHOULD she do with him? There’s really no point in throwing him out, since he always weasels his way back, so instead, she’s going to keep her enemy close and torture him with her personal version of humilation finishing school. Once she feels like he actually is reformed, she’s willing to give him a small monthly allowance. Horrible Ed, who is after all very lazy in addition to being a jerk, would rather die in battle, and so he jaunts off to hopefully do just that. See ya never, jackass!

Downtown, Tom pulls Arthur aside: yes, they’ve run off one enemy, but there’s still another problem gentleman in Sanditon: the one and only Colonel No Service.

Arthur: What would Sidney do?
Tom: He’d say the only way to win is to beat that guy at his own game.

Oh WOW I don’t like where this is going, but yes, I will be making popcorn to watch. While they head out to hopefully learn the rules of dice gambling, at the Parker house, Mary and Hurricane Heywood comfort an understandably unhappy Georgiana. Mary also uses this opportunity to drop another info bomb into the mix: apparently in the process of building a legal case, Sidney found out that as of a few years ago, Georgiana’s mom was actually still alive, and wanted to be reunited with her daughter. Sidney tried unsuccessfully to find her, but it’s very likely that she’s still out there. Mary also passes over a cowrie shell necklace that Georgiana’s mom left for her, and gives her friend a hug.

Meanwhile, whilst Mystery Dad moodily rides around on the beach like he’s auditioning to play Ross Poldark, Charlotte brings Leo home. And back at the encampment, Tom and Arthur corner Colonel No Service.

Tom: You came here as a friend and then took advantage of the whole town. You were crappy to Charlotte, you insulted me and my family, and I’m not about to let it go unaddressed.
Colonel No Service: Well what are you going to do about it?
Tom: You claim to be a man of honor; prove it.
Colonel No Service: Wait, are you seriously trying to duel with me?
Tom: Nope. Here’s the money I owe you. You can take it now, or you can take my wager. If you win, you keep my money and I’ll pay back the shopkeepers myself. If I win, you pay everyone back, including me, and you leave Sanditon and never come back.
Colonel No Service: Ok, you’re on. Lemme just get my dice.
Arthur: Oh, lol, no. This time we’re picking the game.

Suddenly I am feeling a lot better about this! Everyone, including all the colonel’s guys, crowd into a tent where Arthur carefully starts shuffling a deck of cards before dealing out two to each player: we’re evidently playing ye olde blackjack. As Colonel No Service clumsily looks at his hand, Tom explains that he and Sidney used to argue about this game: Tom said it was all luck, but Sidney claimed it was strategy. And since Tom never won, he might have to infer that Sidney was correct. While he’s saying this, btw, he calls for more cards without even picking up his hand, which is kinda baller but also clearly has Arthur sweating. Finally opening his hand, Tom takes a beat, and then lays his cards down on the table: he’s got 20. Can Colonel No Service do better?

Obviously not, because he’s the bad guy and deserves to lose: he’s only got 19. Money collected, the brothers head into town and start passing around cash to a delighted populace of shopkeepers. They saved the day TOGETHER, and that’s what counts. Back at the camp, a VERY grumpy Colonel No Service catches Horrible Ed as he tries to slink back into his tent. See, Lady D wrote a fun lil letter to tattle on her nephew, so his boss now knows that Horrible Ed doesn’t actually have the cash to pay for his commission. Colonel No Service thus promptly rips Horrible Ed’s officer’s epaulets from his uniform: instant demotion!

Two men dance at their colleague in celebration of their win, and his loss

Over at the Parkers, Hurricane Heywood prepares to finally return back to the farm. But wait, asks Georigana: did she get to say goodbye to Jilted?

Hurricane Heywood: Yeah. He said he thinks of me as a dear friend.
Georgiana: FRIEND?
Hurricane Heywood: And then he gave me a present and made me promise not to open it until I got home.
Literally the entire Parker family, and Charlotte, and Georgiana:

A woman turns to her friend and says "Oooooh!"

Obviously, they’re all too nosy and invested to let THAT stand, so they make her open up the present in front of everyone, and as I predicted, it’s that book of poetry from earlier. And there’s a flower marking the page of the poem that Captain Loverboy sent, just to clear up the question of which of these boys is actually into romantic verse. Hurricane Heywood starts reading the poem out loud and finally figures out what the heck is happening, and then, encouraged by Charlotte, hops in the carriage to go to the encampment so Hurricane Heywood can declare herself. But when she gets there, he’s GONE, and not just off to Sussex or whatever: the whole battalion has been sent to INDIA.

A man dressed as an elf screams "No!"

Are you kidding me right now? I know we need SOME conflict for Season 3, but that’s a hell of a long distance relationship. And now we also have to contend with Jilted’s direct role in violent colonialism? Preposterous!

Over at Lady D’s, Esther finally gets to read the nice letters Babs sent her, and talks over her insecurities with Clara, who of course still feels very responsible.

Esther: He played you too; he can’t feel the way we can. You’re nothing like him: look how much you love George!
Clara: I really do have a newfound understanding of love and protective instinct. It’s kinda scary tbh. Anyway, I hope you can experience this for yourself.
Esther: You know, it might just not be in the cards for me. I need to make peace with that.
Clara: So, Lady D has offered me a cottage on an estate in the middle of nowhere, where we’d be away from gossip, but I’m not sure I’m going to take her up on it. What kind of life would that be for him?
Esther: As long as he has someone who loves him, he’ll be ok.

I get the sentiment, but as an only child who HAD a close-knit community growing up, Clara’s future cottage life sounds extremely isolated and hard — for both her and Baby George! Kinda hoping that Esther just invites Clara to come live with her and Babs, not gonna lie. Back at the Parker house, a dejected Hurricane Heywood comes home to find Arthur and Tom standing clumped together in the foyer like real weirdos. Why? Because they’re hiding Jilted like a giant human cake! Turns out that both of these kiddos were looking for each other!

Hurricane Heywood: Wait, why aren’t you with your coworkers?
Jilted: I resigned. Not sure what I’m gonna do next, I’m from a family of farmers. What’s so funny?
Hurricane Heywood: LOL, It’s just that I spent the whole season saying I didn’t want to marry a farmer.
Jilted, joking: Presumptuous!
Hurricane Heywood: Well, I opened your book.
Jilted: AND you broke my trust! Horrible! Look, I foolishly tried to hide my feelings from you because I thought you wouldn’t be able to love me. But will you marry me?
Hurricane Heywood: HELL YEAH.

And what is everyone else doing during this exchange? Hiding in the next room and listening at the keyhole like the absolute goobers they all are. As soon as the young lovers stop smooching, everybody piles out and offer hearty congratulations.

Meanwhile, at Lady D’s, Esther hears Baby George crying upstairs. When she goes to comfort him, she finds that Clara is nowhere to be found, and she’s left a note behind.

The Note:
Please don’t judge me: some people are meant to be mothers, and some aren’t. You’re in the first category: raise him and give him the life I can’t. Be the mom he deserves.

A man says "Alright. I'm gonna go cry."

Oh MAN I don’t know what to think! Yay for Esther and Babs, but this seems like a recipe for a lot of conflicting emotions down the line for everybody involved! What’s HAPPENING!?

In all of this bonkers resolution, did you, like me, briefly forget about the whole Charlotte and Mystery Dad situation? Don’t worry, we’re about to sort that out as well: Charlotte’s on her way back to Thornfield By The Sea at this very moment! Once she gets there, it turns out that everyone is in a pretty great mood, because the whole Mystery family is having breakfast outside… together! Fun Housekeeper is practically vibrating with happiness, and on the patio, the mood is similar. Mystery Dad is in the process of telling the girls that his dog told him she wants a puppy friend (adorable) when Charlotte arrives, but weirdly, instead of getting all soppy like he’s been doing the last couple of episodes, he suddenly looks pretty somber, and asks Charlotte if they can chat… in private.

Alas, we have to wait to find out what exactly he wants to discuss, because first we’re heading to the seaside, where Georgiana and Arthur are out for a stroll. Won’t Arthur reconsider marrying Georgiana so she can avoid yet another situation where a man ruins her happiness for money related reasons? Alas, no: Arthur is very committed to the bachelor lifestyle, AND he has full faith that there is someone out there for his friend. He also apologizes for the whole Wannabe Byron situation, given that he did kinda push Georgiana to give the guy a second chance.

Georgiana: It’s ok… he charmed us both.
Arthur: Hey, have you considered what you’re going to do when you come of age and finally inherit your cash?
Georgiana: For now I just want to find my mom. And weirdly I suddenly feel like I want to stay and hang out in Sanditon for a while… like at least another television season.
Arthur: Well that makes ME very happy: I want you to know I consider you part of the family. You’re an honorary Parker!

Awww, sweet! Am I still side-eyeing the fact that once again the delightful Georgiana has been tricked and had to deal with a pile of traumatic crap? YUP. I’m really happy that she’s found a community that loves her and supports her, but if she doesn’t get an actual nice romance next season, I’m gonna lose it (you’ve all been warned). And speaking of problematic romance, over at Thornfield By The Sea, Mystery Dad apologizes to Charlotte.

Charlotte: Uh, what?
Mystery Dad: I let my feelings get the best of me and I took advantage of my position.
Charlotte: I was pretty into the making out though, so… NBD.
Mystery Dad: Some big deal, Charlotte. Some big deal. I think we kind of all forgot in the romance of the thing that I’m actually your boss and making out with you is an ethical disaster. I feel only shame and regret for my inappropriate behavior.
Charlotte: Oh my god, so I’m only a member of the staff to you?
Mystery Dad: I get how this makes our working relationship impossible going forward, and you’ll probably want to leave right away. I hope you’ll take severance pay.
Charlotte: WTF, I don’t care about the money! What are you gonna tell the kids?
Mystery Dad: That we mutually decided that it was the season finale so you had to get to stepping?
Charlotte: Screw that: this is on you pal.

And with that she runs the heck out of there crying. Once again, WTF SHOW? Seriously? Do our faves from last season not deserve better than to be rejected? TWICE?? Ahem. Thankfully I’m not the only one who feels this way: Fun Housekeeper immediately corners Mystery Dad and tells him he’s making a mistake. Like the gloomy doofus that he is, he seems to think this is a good idea because he’s protecting Charlotte from himself. Hate that! Hopefully he comes to his senses, but I also kind of hope that if he does Charlotte rejects him right back for being a coward and a hot mess.

Back at Lady D’s, Gross Priest and Single and Loving It drop by to say goodbye to Esther, who’s heading back home to Babs. Esther introduces them to Baby George, which confuses Gross Priest and delights Single and Loving It. Awww! Did you like that cute moment? Good, because we’re heading back to Thornfield By The Sea so that Augusta can yell at her uncle for driving Charlotte away.

Mystery Dad: You don’t get it!
Augusta: I get that she made this house nice AND cared about Leo and I (unlike some mysterious father figures) AND that she almost brought you back to being a functioning human person again! What are you so scared of, that we might finally be happy? Go find her, apologize, and tell her you made a mistake: for us, if not for you.

Meryl Streep yells "yes!" and points

Now we just have to wait and see if he takes everyone’s good advice. Speaking of contrite men (or at least one who’s pretending at contrition), Horrible Ed has returned to take Lady D up on her offer, assuming it will at least be better than debtors' prison. She’s pretty incentivized to make his life miserable, so I wouldn’t be so sure, and now that Clara and Esther aren’t living in the house anymore, there are a lot fewer women for him to victimize. I just hope Lady D keeps a close eye on the female staff.

Anyway, back at the Parker house, Georgiana tries to cheer up Charlotte: at least now that she isn’t working they can have a fun rest of the summer holiday? Charlotte, however, claims she has to head home instead (so I guess Mystery Dad isn’t the only coward and hot mess in town) but that at least they’ll all get to party together at Hurricane Heywood’s wedding? Before Mary and Georgiana can talk her out of this nonsense, Tom pops his head in: Mystery Dad is here to speak to Charlotte.

Two men, one with binoculars, peer out from behind some bushes

I’m not gonna lie to you: Mystery Dad, who after all is a cringe introvert and not an orator, doesn’t really nail the “forgive me, I screwed up” speech. He starts out by saying he regrets how they parted ways (duh) and then tells Charlotte that Augusta just read him the riot act.

Charlotte: Great, so you’re here because she told you to apologize.
Mystery Dad: NO! Um, the house feels your absence, and I’m here to ask —
Charlotte, cutting him off: I’m leaving town. You were right, earlier. We let our emotions get the best of us, and I can’t feel a real connection with someone who would treat me this way. I will miss the girls, but I can’t be your governess, if that’s what you’re asking.
Mystery Dad: Ok. Thanks for clarifying that. Bye.

WHAT. THE. HELL. Go back in there, you jackass! That’s not what she meant! I am very proud of Charlotte for standing her ground, though, despite how painful it obviously was. Lucky for us, we don’t get to see the aftermath of this disastrous conversation, and immediately jump two months ahead to Hurricane Heywood’s wedding! It’s as adorable as you want it to be, and there’s not a dry eye in the house. Notably absent? The mystery family, who are leaving town for an indeterminate amount of time. Mystery Dad, correctly I think, feels that they all need a change. At the wedding, as the Parkers urge Charlotte to visit Sanditon again, at least for Georgiana’s upcoming 21st birthday party, a tall young fella joins the chat to ask Charlotte to dance. Whomst the hell is this? It’s Ralph. Farmer Ralph from back home. Farmer Ralph from back home who Charlotte’s dad wants her to marry. And oh by the way, has everyone heard Charlotte's happy news?

A contestant on the show "Love is Blind " opens a door and announces "I'm engaged!"

I can only hope that much like Deepti in the above gif, Charlotte will wise up and ditch this clown before it’s too late (sorry Ralph, it's not really your fault). Reader, I am UPSET! I think Georgiana speaks for all of us when her face says:

A woman says to her son "the hell were you thinking?"

Anyway, with that nonsense dropped in our laps, the season ends. Again, Sanditon writers room, I am asking why you are trying to ruin all of our lives? I guess it’s better than an alternative where Charlotte leaves a chill existence hanging out with two nerd sisters/her secret cousins to go be a missionary and die, but only marginally! For all we know Ralph is WORSE than St. John Rivers; they have equally goofy names! Also, frankly, I simply do not have the emotional bandwidth to handle a “Persuasion” situation, if that's the plan. We are still in a pandemic! At least this time we KNOW there’s another season ahead of us to get this sorted out, but good gravy. Will the Mystery Family return to Sanditon in time to save the day? Will Lady D succeed in humiliating Horrible Ed into shape? Will Georgiana finally meet a nice man who isn’t just after her money? I guess we’ll just have to wait for Season 3 to find out!

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