You ever see a tweet and think "oh, I am uniquely qualified to reply to this?" Yes, probably, that's Twitter's whole deal. But look, I just can't leave @bessbell hanging!

Being in the business of drama here at GBH, there are more than a few excellent shows we have streaming on GBH Passport right now that fit the bill. Here are some of my personal favorites, which you can watch anytime on or on the PBS App.

All Creatures Great and Small

This isn't quite "no thoughts just vibes" (we're a PBS station), but between the absolutely stunning scenery, adorable animals, and gentle hijinks, it's pretty damn close. If you've ever wanted to feel like your brain is swaddled in beautiful knitwear, this is the show for you.



Maybe you were a fan of Tom's progressive nature butting up against the status quo on Downton Abbey? If that's you, you'll absolutely connect with Ross Poldark, the people's mine-owner (I know that sounds weird but trust me). Incidentally, the scenery in this show is notorious, and I'm not just talking about the beaches of Cornwall 👀.

Sanditon Ep 4 Georgiana, Charlotte, Otis
MASTERPIECE Sanditon Episode Four Sunday, January 26, 2020; 9:00 - 10:00pm ET Lord Babington courts Esther, who prefers Edward. Charlotte and Sidney clash over Miss Lambe’s illicit meeting with Otis. Young Stringer and Charlotte strike up a friendship. Shown from left to right: Otis Molyneux (JYUDDAH JAMES), Charlotte Heywood (ROSE WILLIAMS) and Miss Lambe (CRYSTAL CLARKE) For editorial use only.
Simon Ridgway


Obviously we can't talk about dramas set at the beach without discussing The Big One. Sanditon was recently renewed for a season two, and features low-stakes British sports, dramatic outdoor declarations of love, and headstrong women who will remind you of the Crawley sisters, except that Charlotte and Georgiana actually treat each other well (Mary and Edith could never).

MASTERPIECE “Miss Scarlet & The Duke” Episode Four Sunday, February 7, 2021; 8 - 9pm ET on PBS A photographer specializing in post-mortem portraits gets menacing messages from beyond the grave. Eliza’s investigation takes her into the spirit world. Shown: Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet For editorial use only. Courtesy of MASTERPIECE
Bernard Walsh

Miss Scarlet & The Duke

Did you enjoy rule-breaking feminist Sybil? What about unlikely friendships? Then you'll probably also like Miss Scarlet & The Duke, a victorian-era detective show with quirky crimes, a snarky and smart lady detective lead, and her grumpy, rule-following policeman foil. Come for the mysteries, stay for the banter (or is it the other way around?).


North and South

This one is a classic for a reason. Yearning? Check. Enemies to Lovers? Check. Young Brendan Coyle (Bates on Downton)? Check! You're not going to quite get the full on fanciness of the Downton upstairs crew, but this one has a riot AND a romantic denoument on a train platform.