Every season, the Drama After Dark team gathers ‘round the (currently virtual) conference room table to watch the latest and greatest in all things drama. It’s summer drama season over at MASTERPIECE, and just in time for everyone to combust with a year’s worth of suppressed wanderlust, we’ve got a brand new show, Us, which promises stunning international hijinks (and, because it is a drama, after all, an imploding marriage). I'm here to recap both episodes of the miniseries.

Ok, where were we? As you may recall from last week’s episode, Third Wheel has abandoned the sinking ship of his parents’ Last Hurrah Vacation, Not Mandy Moore has returned home and Knock-Off Jack has followed Third Wheel to Venice in a last ditch attempt to rekindle his relationship with his son, his wife, and his sense of whimsy.

This week, we start off with an actually nice flashback, for once. Not Mandy Moore, Third Wheel and a tall gentleman we haven’t seen before are gathered in a rec center when Knock-Off Jack literally runs into the room, briefcase in hand. Apparently, we’re all here for an annual quiz competition, which Knock-Off Jack is VERY competitive about and, predictably, often wins. But maybe not this year, because Not Mandy Moore, assuming he wasn’t able to attend, has agreed to partner up with Tall Drink of Water instead!

A group of children gasp

Knock-Off Jack is very put out, but eventually joins another group, who insist, against his better judgement, on picking a funny name. Even worse, despite his stuffy dominance of the questions and the team score sheet, they don’t even win, coming in second to the rest of Knock-Off Jack’s family. The horror! Of course, everyone else, who’s there to have a nice time, is pretty unperturbed, but Knock-Off Jack can’t let it go, convinced that the scorekeeper made a mistake. I’m not going to lie to you: this is exactly what I’m like when I play trivia, and it’s why I usually abstain. Anyway, he takes it a step farther than even a weirdo like me ever has, and insists on a recount, which embarrasses and annoys the rest of his family.

Now, in the present, Knock-Off Jack balefully looks at his absolutely ruined, blister covered, bidet soaked (did you think I forgot? I did not) toes, and succumbs to the inevitable: sneakers. Suitably clad, he goes to breakfast, where he runs into Mystery Traveler again, choosing cake for breakfast. They decide to dine together, so they can discuss their respective trips. Hers isn’t off to such a good start, because, in a surprise to none of my lady readers, people are awfully crappy to women who deign to be alone in public. She even skipped her planned destination from yesterday, the Accademia, which she gently corrects Knock-Off Jack’s pronunciation of, out of annoyance. After a bit of commiseration, they decide to head out to explore the city together, quickly discovering that they’ve got pretty similar interests, and indeed, the same guidebook which becomes obvious once Knock-Off Jack starts reciting the facts therein.

Knock-Off Jack: Oh no, I’m sorry, I’m the worst. And boring.
Mystery Traveler: Nah, don’t worry! Know anything about art or history?
Knock-Off Jack: No, that’s not my thing. My thing is biochemistry.
Mystery Traveler: Well, it’s better than dentistry.
Knock-Off Jack: Crap, please don’t look at my teeth!
Mystery Traveler: LOL, I wouldn’t. People always look at mine though — they want to know if I’m any good at following my own rules.

And with this exchange, the floodgates open: as it turns out, Mystery Traveler’s ex is also a dentist, and the reason for their divorce is a sordid, fluoride-soaked affair with their hygienist. Knock-Off Jack, obviously, wants to know how she got through it. Unfortunately, her answer is just time. She also says that her kids were upset, but not as surprised as one might expect.

Knock-Off Jack: So, if the kids were younger, would you have stayed together? For them? Asking for a friend, of course, not for ME.
Mystery Traveler: Yeah, ok buddy. Real answer, yes, probably, but this is better. I mean, it sucks, but it’s foolish to try and hold on to someone who wants to leave. Anyway, I’m blabbering on. What’s up with you?

Knock-Off Jack, however, is saved by the bell. Alexander Graham Bell, to be precise (I’m sorry).

A young woman picks up an old school cell phone

Yes, Not Mandy Moore is on the phone, calling to let him know that he was right: Third Wheel IS in Venice, and in that very same neighborhood! Like a super sleuth, Not Mandy Moore has tracked down Fourth Wheel, and found her public social media profiles, which include a picture of their very own baby boy. Knock-Off Jack, pleased with this new clue, plans to hare off after Third Wheel immediately, but Not Mandy Moore suggests he take his time. Enjoy the sights! Go to the Accademia!

Knock-Off Jack, for some reason forgetting that his wife, unlike himself, doesn’t LIKE to be corrected: Oh, it’s pronounced a different way.
Not Mandy Moore, pissed: Ok, whatever. Have fun.

Knock-Off Jack, on a mission, runs off, leaving a befuddled Mystery Traveler in his wake. She offers to go with him, but he turns her down, almost running off without saying goodbye. Kind of weird, and rude, but understandable in the circumstances. And even worse, his rushed exit doesn’t even yield results: Third Wheel is nowhere to be found. Dejected, he returns to the hotel to google best busking spots in Venice. While back home, Not Mandy Moore finds, and reads, Third Wheel’s journal, which is full of typical, but probably still hard to read, “I hate my parents” ramblings. Sick of being unproductive and lonely, Knock-Off Jack decides to try and make some amends with Mystery Traveler, asking to take her out to dinner. The helpful concierge, literally winking, suggests a restaurant for the two, ignoring Knock-Off Jack’s insistence that he does not want a romantic spot.

At dinner, they talk about their respective families, fighting off the attempts by a server to up the romance levels.

Mystery Traveler: LOL, this guy says you have a beautiful wife.
Knock-Off Jack, to the waiter: I mean, I do, but she’s in the process of leaving me, SO.
Mystery Traveler: AWKWARD. I can’t explain that in Italian, I’m afraid.
Knock-Off Jack: Yeah, probably good.

Later, on the way home, they talk more about the whole awkward family situation. Mystery Traveler tells him that it might be because Third Wheel is a son, and those same gender parent relationships can be weird. Of course, the subject of his daughter comes up, and we finally get the whole sad story: everything seemed fine when they were in the hospital, although their baby was born early and quite small. But just as they were about to go home, she was diagnosed with neonatal sepsis, a serious condition in anyone, but especially bad in an infant. The rest, we learn through flashbacks: the young couple stayed in the waiting room of the hospital for days, and finally got the horrible news that their daughter hadn’t made it.

Mystery Traveler: That’s the hardest thing I can imagine happening to a family. It could destroy you.
Knock-Off Jack: Or bring you closer — it was one of the few things we had in common. You promise to protect your kids, you know? Anyway, what time are you leaving?

Serious conversation finished, they compare itineraries, realizing that they basically had identical plans. After an awkward goodbye, she shows up at his door, but nothing happens beyond them holding hands and falling asleep. Well, she sleeps, he thinks about the days after his daughter died. Unable to sleep, he sneaks into the bathroom and calls home.

Knock-Off Jack: Hey, it wasn’t about Jane, was it?
Not Mandy Moore: No, never. It wasn’t that.
Knock-Off Jack: Well, I’m sorry I haven’t found Third Wheel yet. I’ll keep trying.
Not Mandy Moore: Wait, didn’t you get my message? He’s already gone!

Gone, yes, but there’s still a trail. In one of the photos, Knock-Off Jack spots a sign for Siena, and jumps on the lead, sneaking out in the middle of the night and leaving a note for Mystery Traveler explaining the situation. As French exits go, I have to say, it’s a good one: very thoughtful and direct (not shocking, given who wrote it).

Back at home, Not Mandy Moore falls prey to a nosy neighbor, but escapes her clutches before she has to explain the full story. However, true avoidance is not to be, because who should she run into whilst buying dog food but Tall Drink of Water, who I just now realize must be Third Wheel’s art teacher. For some reason (maybe the teacher part) she blurts out enough of the story to elicit an invite to the nearby cafe to talk more, and like anyone who is offered a good listening ear when they desperately need one, she takes him up on it.

Back in Italy, Knock-Off Jack arrives on the train platform and boards, sticking his backpack in the overhead bin before deciding to get himself an impulse pastry. Alas, it’s not much of an impulse, because he encounters a language barrier, a more complicated set of options than he’s anticipated and a friendly counter guy, possibly a relative of this fella:

A man fastidiously adds a sprig of herbs to holiday gift wrap

Predictably, perhaps, these facts conspire to make him miss his train, AND get to watch his bag speed away without him. With the last remaining bits of his battery life, he calls Not Mandy Moore, who’s still mid heart to heart with Tall Drink of Water, with an update.

Knock-Off Jack: I’m on a train, lost my stuff, I tried to buy a hot sandwich.
Not Mandy Moore: A panino?
Knock-Off Jack: Yeah, a panini.
Not Mandy Moore: No, panino, singular!
Knock-Off Jack, missing the irony: Don’t correct my grammar, I’m freaking out! Anyway, I’m on my way to Siena to find Third Wheel.
Not Mandy Moore: What the hell, I thought you were coming home? At this point you’re not actually looking for our son, you know that right?
Knock-Off Jack: I don’t know what you’re implying but I gotta go, phone’s about to die.
The Phone, pulling a Polonius: Oh, I am slain!

A woman cries looking at a small glass vial with the caption "cries in Shakespeare"

Not Mandy Moore: WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

The next day, in Siena, after an accidental midday piazza nap, a sweaty, sunburned, penniless Knock-Off Jack follows the sounds of a street performer to find none other than Fourth Wheel! Like a real clown, he interrupts her performance, but she tells him to go away, and then just sings louder, which I have to say, is pretty funny.

A man strums a guitar and starts to scream sing

Knock-Off Jack, however, does not agree, and tries to grab her banjo, which causes a scene big enough to attract the fuzz. Bad news: Fourth Wheel doesn’t have a permit. Knock-Off Jack tries to pay them off, but given that he literally has only 15 euro and pocket lint, it doesn’t go great. As the cops drag her off, he tries to argue, and makes the mistake of grabbing the guy by the arm, which of course leads to Knock-Off Jack being added to the arrest list. Like a real goof, he tries to get Fourth Wheel to leg it with him, but when she doesn’t, he’s stuck awkwardly going back into custody like a real nerd.

Back at the station, Knock-Off Jack awkwardly asks an officer to charge his phone, and then faces the music from Fourth Wheel, who, taking in his disheveled appearance, correctly tells him he looks like a football hooligan.

Me, at both of them:

A woman says "you look like someone who just wandered in off the road."

Knock-Off Jack: Look, if you won’t tell me where he is, is he at least ok?
Fourth Wheel: I mean, define ok? He’s miserable, angry, and confused. He thinks you’re disappointed in him, and he doesn’t like the tension between you and Not Mandy Moore. He’s pretty sure you’re going to split up. If it makes you feel better, we split up too.
Knock-Off Jack: Oh, no, that doesn’t make me feel better. What happened?
Fourth Wheel: We were arguing all the time. I really liked him.
Knock-Off Jack: I’ll talk to him for you, I promise. Can you at least tell me where he is?
Fourth Wheel: He’s in Barcelona, but I don’t know where.
Knock-Off Jack: Crap. I’ve really lost him. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

And with that, Fourth Wheel is called back for questioning, with a promise from Knock-Off Jack that he won’t snitch on her. Many hours later, the officer returns his charged phone, and Knock-Off Jack successfully finagles, hilariously, a bed for the night in a cell, where he calls home, and apologizes for failing. Despite Not Mandy Moore’s insistence that he didn’t fail, he can’t believe her.

Next, we get a flashback to the early days after they lost their daughter. Not Mandy Moore is struggling, unable to get off the couch or talk to anyone. Knock-Off Jack gently encourages her to talk to someone, and to leave the house, and insists that he will never leave her. Back in the present, Knock-Off Jack wanders out of the jail in the early morning hours, to find Fourth Wheel is waiting for him outside. They have a cute banter about Knock-Off Jack’s time in the big house, and then, deciding maybe he really is ok after all, she gives up the goods: she’s summoned Third Wheel to “the magic fountain” with a frankly terrifying text, which means that Knock-Off Jack now has a time and location where he can find his son. Overwhelmed and pleased, he hugs her and scampers off, before realizing that she’s literally the only person he knows in Italy, and coming back to ask to borrow some cash.

Fourth Wheel must agree, because the next time we see Knock-Off Jack he’s on his way to Spain, and checking into a hotel he and Not Mandy Moore stayed when they were young. In fact, it was in this very hotel that Not Mandy Moore told Knock-Off Jack that she was pregnant with Third Wheel. While he looks at the Magic Fountain that night after checking in, Knock-Off Jack thinks back to Third Wheel’s birth, before returning the next day to reunite with his son. Fourth Wheel was as good as her word, and so Third Wheel is there, and pretty pissed off to see his dad.

Third Wheel: UGH YOU? I thought I was gonna find Fourth Wheel here, and that she would be pregnant or something.
Knock-Off Jack: Well, she’s not, and that text wasn’t my idea — she thought it would be good for us to talk though.
Third Wheel: I didn’t want to talk to you! I thought I was going to be a dad, do you have any idea what that’s like?
Knock-Off Jack: Uh… yes? Please, can’t we just talk? We were worried about you, is it a crime to care?
Third Wheel: You always say that, but you’re smothering me.
Knock-Off Jack: Please, at least let me apologize.
Third Wheel: Great, for what exactly? Explain it.
Knock-Off Jack: Ugh, I don’t want to say it. But what I said in Amsterdam was wrong; I’ve been under a lot of stress, and while I don’t think you handled that situation great, I should have stuck up for you, and I’m sorry.
Third Wheel: Well, I don’t want you to apologize if that’s what you really think. Do you think I’m an embarrassment? A disappointment? It’s like you have so much contempt for me.
Knock-Off Jack: Not at all, you’re my boy!
Third Wheel: Oh, I see: I’m not even your favorite kid!
Knock-Off Jack: Huh?

And with that, Third Wheel employs his youth and unblistered feet to run the heck away. Here’s the deal: as a kid, Third Wheel found a box of keepsakes Knock-Off Jack and Not Mandy Moore made for his sister, and would look at it when his parents were away.

Third Wheel: This whole thing is weird for me, and because she died, I feel like she’s perfect in your eyes and never let you down. Meanwhile, you’ve literally called me stupid to my face.
Knock-Off Jack: You know what, I’m sorry. I thought this conversation would be easier, but it’s not. I wish we had a better relationship, but you don’t always make it easy. Your room is a disaster, for starters.
Third Wheel: Well don’t worry, you’ll get it back soon enough.
Knock-Off Jack: So you’re still planning to go to art college? If that’s what you’re passionate about I’m happy to hear that. I mean, sad that you’re leaving home. So is your mom, we’re really afraid of the hole you’ll leave in the family, which is why she’s thinking of leaving. You probably figured that out, you guys are close.
Third Wheel: Yes, I figured that out. She doesn’t seem very happy.
Knock-Off Jack: She doesn’t, does she? I hoped to fix that this summer, but that hasn’t happened yet. Look, can I just say: I’m very proud of you, even if I don’t always show it. I know you’re going to do great things, and I don’t want you to go out there thinking I don’t love you. Not just mom; she says it a lot, but I don’t. Doesn’t make it less true. Now me and my sunburn and blisters are just gonna sit here for a second.

And while he sits, Knock-Off Jack remembers a moment from Third Wheel’s youth, when the two sat down to assemble some legos. While Knock-Off Jack, naturally, carefully follows the directions, young Third Wheel ignores that in favor of making a dinosaur. They work in parallel for a bit, until Third Wheel gets bored, and Knock-Off Jack tries to steal his dinosaur pieces to finish the spaceship. As they descend into a squabble, Not Mandy Moore arrives home and takes young Third Wheel off for a bedtime story. Left to his own devices, Knock-Off Jack takes the pieces, leaving the complete spaceship for what he clearly thinks is a fun surprise. Unfortunately, Third Wheel disagrees, and is gutted that his dad disassembled the dino.

An animatronic dinosaur wearing a flannel shirt drops a canned beverage in shock

Back in the present, the two enjoy a snack in Spain. After finding out that Third Wheel is staying at a hostel, Knock-Off Jack suggests that he come crash at the hotel, if he likes. Once they get there, he calls home, to a pretty freaked out Not Mandy Moore. Before she can get too worried, he passes the phone to Third Wheel, who dutifully says hi and apologizes. While they chat, Knock-Off Jack reads a guidebook, deploys a well-placed dad joke, and then suggests an unplanned evening. They guys try to take a siesta so they can stay up late partying, but when Knock-Off Jack can’t sleep, he apparently decides neither should Third Wheel, telling his son that, fun fact, he was conceived in this very hotel.

Adam Scott, as Ben in Parks and Rec, makes a grossed out face and leaps back from his computer.

While Third Wheel tries to scrub that “fun fact” from his brain, we get another flashback, this time to one of his art shows. When asked what he thinks, Knock-Off Jack, who does actually seem quite moved, can only say he finds the pieces “compelling.” It’s hard to tell WHAT is going on in his head, but to Third Wheel, he might as well have said “these are trash.”

Later, at dinner, Third Wheel announces that he’ll be leaving tomorrow, with a plan to travel up the coast. Knock-Off Jack tries to convince him to come complete the planned family trip instead (he’s pre-booked the Sistine Chapel, after all) but Third Wheel would rather swim in the ocean.

Knock-Off Jack: Oh. Yeah! Of Course.
Third Wheel: You know, you could come with me, if you want? Just for a couple of days?
Knock-Off Jack: Did mom suggest that?
Third Wheel: No!
Knock-Off Jack: And I won’t cramp your style?
Third Wheel: LOL, no!
Knock-Off Jack: Ok! Yes, let’s do it!

Later, they head out to a club, where they drink, dance, and Third Wheel even talks up his dad’s accomplishments with a young lady they’re chatting to. Later, she tells Knock-Off Jack she’s impressed: it’s cool to see a family partying together. It’s at this point that Knock-Off Jack looks around to figure out where Third Wheel has gone, and notices him getting his flirt on with a guy at the bar. Totally hammered on sherry, Knock-Off Jack heads outside to take a quick party nap, when Third Wheel finds him to make sure he’s ok.

Knock-Off Jack: Oh, just drunk! And tired, I haven’t danced in 2 decades.
Third Wheel: Dad, that’s just depressing.
Knock-Off Jack: Question for you — how long have you been interested in dudes?
Third Wheel: Uh. Not sure. How long have you known?
Knock-Off Jack: I just figured it out, but I wondered over the years. But you always had such cute lady friends.
Third Wheel: It’s a time-honored trick.
Knock-Off Jack: I know, and I totally fell for it. They were nice, too. I just feel sad you didn’t say anything — did you think we’d be angry?
Third Wheel: I was worried it’d just be another way I disappointed you. Will you tell mom?
Knock-Off Jack: No, you tell her.
Third Wheel: Will she be mad?
Knock-Off Jack: No, she’ll be delighted. You know, I once had a crush on a guy in school…
Third Wheel: Ok, I don’t need hear that, let’s go back in and party.

And party they do. Knock-Off Jack meets the young fella Third Wheel had been chatting to, and they stay out all night, finally getting back to the hotel in the early morning, probably still drunk, checking out and heading right for the train. At the station, the still young Third Wheel easily runs for the train, and Knock-Off Jack follows, even though it honestly looks like he’s about to hurl sherry all over the station floor. After a short journey, they arrive by the sea, at a hotel so fancy they’ll need to share a room. Third Wheel takes them to the beach right away, after a short detour to purchase Knock-Off Jack some (not gonna lie, MUCH shorter than the American style) swim trunks.

As you might expect, Knock-Off Jack isn’t great at sunbathing, but after a brief spot of complaining, he takes himself for a swim. His happy float is almost immediately ruined, however, when he’s surrounded and attacked by jellyfish, and runs, screaming, from the ocean. TBH, this is why I personally avoid the beach. Well, that and the inevitable sunburn, no matter how careful I am; another thing Knock-Off Jack and I agree about. In horrible pain, and annoyed, he decides to go back to the room, loudly dissing the beach and suggesting that Third Wheel be more careful about sun protection as he goes. What starts as a funny scene quickly becomes frightening, as it appears that Knock-Off Jack is having a genuine medical emergency. Thankfully, when Third Wheel tries to call and can’t get through he comes upstairs to check, and finds Knock-Off Jack grey and on the floor. Third Wheel quickly calls the front desk to summon an ambulance.

Knock-Off Jack: I think it might be my heart. So I’m gonna lie here on the ground, ok?
Third Wheel: What happens if you pass out?
Knock-Off Jack: Well, if that happens you’re gonna have to do CPR. Look it up on the phone if you need to.
Third Wheel: Should I tell mom?
Knock-Off Jack: Nah, I don’t want her to worry.

And so the two lie on the ground next to each other until help arrives. At the hospital, Knock-Off Jack explains that he’s going to have a small procedure done. Not a serious one, but it will happen the next morning. With that, the two hunker down for the night, with Knock-Off Jack worrying that the hotel is going to waste with no one staying in it, and Third Wheel taking photos. When Knock-Off Jack wakes up, Not Mandy Moore is there, and clearly very happy to see he’s made it.

Not Mandy Moore, joking: The things you’ll do to keep this vacation going!
Knock-Off Jack: LOL, and now I can’t even fly because of the surgery — I’m stuck here for two weeks! Talk about a vacation!
Not Mandy Moore, still joking, and now holding his hand: Let’s do the same trip every year, exactly the same way.

Once Knock-Off Jack gets let out of the hospital, they make their way to a lovely apartment, which Third Wheel has found. It’s fancy, and thus pretty expensive, but since SOMEONE insisted on very intense travel insurance, they can swing it. Unfortunately, as cool as the place is, Third Wheel still wants to keep traveling, and explains that he’ll be leaving tomorrow, but will give them the keys, assuming they like the place.

Knock-Off Jack: Ok — where are you heading?
Third Wheel: Ibiza. Pretty close by! I’m planning to meet up with some friends.
Not Mandy Moore: We talked about it, everything is arranged.
Knock-Off Jack: Sounds fun :) Oooh, a terrace!

The next day, they walk Third Wheel to the train station. Not Mandy Moore, who now knows that Third Wheel is interested in men, isn’t particularly surprised. Don’t forget, she definitely read his diary earlier in the episode.

Not Mandy Moore: So, are you ok with it?
Knock-Off Jack: Yeah, like 90%? I'm worried about him, obviously.
Not Mandy Moore, sarcastic: Well that’s a surprise.

They send Third Wheel on his way, with admonitions to call them sometimes and some extra cash, and then head back to their rented apartment. On the way, Not Mandy Moore explains the changes they’re going to have to make: namely, a healthier diet.

Not Mandy Moore: Ok real question, were you scared?
Knock-Off Jack: Mostly scared you’d have to ID my body in those horrible swim trunks. And then I wanted to tell Third Wheel I was sorry for being a bad parent.
Not Mandy Moore: You aren’t a bad parent.
Knock-Off Jack: But I am overbearing. And he always liked you more. Anyway, I was going to have him tell you a message, but decided against it.
Not Mandy Moore: What, your bank PIN? I already know that. Do you know mine?
Knock-Off Jack: LOL yes, obviously.
Not Mandy Moore: Is there anything we don’t know about each other?
Knock-Off Jack: Maybe not, but that’s ok.

Later, they visit a museum, prompting Knock-Off Jack to tell Not Mandy Moore he thinks she should start painting again when they get back. He thinks she’s good, and if it brings her joy, she should do it. She explains that she stopped because she felt like if she couldn’t do it as a career, it wasn’t worth it. In that same vein, Knock-Off Jack tells her he wants to quit his job and go back to research, or teaching. Something he actually likes. Not Mandy Moore, unsurprisingly, thinks that’s a good idea. Once they get back home, to a frankly alarming pile of mail (Not Mandy Moore: I thought you were dying, of course I didn’t cancel the papers!), Knock-Off Jack gathers the courage to tell Not Mandy Moore what he really wants: for her to stay. He wants them to stay together and grow old together, but in a fun way.

Not Mandy Moore: Well. I guess let’s wait and see what happens.

Shortly after, they move Third Wheel into his dorm room, leaving him with a hug and an admonition to follow fire safety rules. Impressively, they make it to the car before they both start blubbering, and have to take a few minutes to cry before they can head home. Once they get there, we find out Third Wheel isn’t the only one moving: Not Mandy Moore and Knock-Off Jack are splitting up after all. They start divvying up everything in the house shockingly amicably, but in the least surprising part of the episode so far, get completely derailed splitting the booze, and start drinking, listening to old mix tapes, and then head to bed (and not just to sleep) before finishing the packing. The next morning, Not Mandy Moore is about to head out, turning down Knock-Off Jack’s offer to help her move. But first, he gives her the keepsake box with mementos of their daughter. Before she drives away, she tells him she never regretted their relationship, and that she’s loved being married to him, and thinks they’re going to be happy even though they’re splitting up. Knock-Off Jack isn’t completely convinced, but there is something really lovely about being happy about a relationship, even after it ends. They hug. They cry. I cry. You maybe do too. And then we get to see the two of them, a bit later, at Third Wheel’s art show, featuring pictures from Knock-Off Jack’s hospitalization.

Third Wheel: Ugh, you hate it, don’t you.
Not Mandy Moore: No, your dad was just saying how compelling he finds it.
Knock-Off Jack: Hey! Not just compelling! I really love it. I’m proud of you.

Photos seen, they leave, but not before Not Mandy Moore reminds Knock-Off Jack that they’ll be seeing each other later that week for dinner. Is it a date? A casual meal? I don’t know, but they both seem pretty happy about the situation, and that’s good enough for me. But that’s not all! We haven’t seen the last of Mystery Traveler, it would seem. Knock-Off Jack meets up with her after the photography show at a different art gallery, and they head into the sunset together.

You know what, I’m not gonna lie to you, reader, that feels like a pretty fitting ending to the show! Mystery Traveler and Knock-Off Jack have a lot in common, but more importantly, seem to want similar things out of life AND out of a partnership. Sure, this isn’t the traditional happy ending we might have expected going into the show, but it’s still lovely. And with that, I leave you, at least until I’m back recapping the next season of Unforgotten in July. Until then, may you have a summer vacation with all the fabulous locations and fun adventure and none of the heartache and drama of Us.