It's no secret that I'm in love with most things Victoria — the drama, the characters, the political machinations and Skeretelli (#nospoilers) being a few. But, for all that I love about the drama and pomp of the show, I'm a gothy punk kid at heart, complete with the black utilitarian uniform provided when I took on that title. As such, it came as a shock when I discovered that I wanted to steal, well, the majority of Victoria's closet. Lacy collars, bonnets, taffeta, and yards and yards of embroidery? DELICIOUS!

So, just for you – and nothing to do with my internal clothes horse that wants to swan about in crinoline – I've pulled together my top ten favorite outfits from Masterpiece's Victoria, seasons one through three. Take a look, and if you're opinions differ, get at me on WGBH's facebook – I will argue viciously debate calmly with you about Victoria's hats 'til Albie gets home.

No. 10: When you want to be a shepherdess, but, like, sheep are gross.

Victoria's Looks – Season 1 – 3

If you wanted to be/are a shepherdess, that's really cool, but for ladies in the lap of luxury, sometimes just stealing the look is better than actually following sheep through the countryside. And Victoria's look here is the perfect blend of demure purity, from the ditsy print and ruffles to that absolutely gorgeous straw flat hat.

No. 9: Low-key the most Victorian of all of Victoria's outfits

Victoria's Looks – Season 1 – 3

What's a girl to do when her sister and husband are gaslighting her and accusing her of postpartum insanity? Put your hair in a bun, throw a glass of wine in their face and handle it. Or, if you're Victoria, dress like the most ideal fashion plate of the era that is literally named after you. And while the brocade of this dress is a little too "Grandma's Parlour Couch" for me, it does suit the style and era impeccably.

No. 8: The coat for seeing the guy who left you on read all week.

Victoria's Looks – Season 1 – 3

If your brooding guy has curved you all week long, you are obliged to show up at an event that you know he'll be at in your finest. And Victoria has turned up the sauce here with a jacket that wouldn't look out of place on Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner. The sumptuous blue velvet only emphasizes her complexion, and the Asian-inspired shoulders and belted waist make her look even tinier than she really is. Way to show up, friend!

No. 7: That "purplest purple" dress.

Victoria's Looks – Season 1 – 3

This dress from Season One of Victoria has always been one of my favorites. It's hard to pull of this particular shade of purple, but Victoria does it with aplomb (aplumb?). The delicacy of the white lace at her throat adds just enough of a border between her face and the dress itself – and the rows and rows of ruching on the bodice help it hug her figure without the usual added stays. Practical and lovely!

No. 6: The Christmas tree isn't the only thing that's lit.

Victoria's Looks – Season 1 – 3

This dress is keeping it 💯for the holidays with it's deep red color and detailed gold embroidery. And it also borrows a bit from the tiered looks in Spain from around the same time – a bit of a nod to the rising power of Queen Isabella II. And with the off-the-shoulder look and the somewhat more sedate skirts, this could totally be pulled out of the closet for a (very) fancy party in 2019.

No. 5: I've wanted this outfit since Samantha: American Girl wore it.

Victoria's Looks – Season 1 – 3

Let's be real – according to all the books I read as a child, the ermine muff was the must-have accessory in the 19th century. So it's simply natural that not only does Victoria have one, but she can also pair it with a dusky teal cloak that has matching ermine trim. Seriously... I'm pretty sure this exact outfit was what the girl got in A Little Princess when her dad finally returns – and I wanted it then, too.

No 4: Distracting from your husband's awful hat with 🔥🔥🔥 couture.

Victoria's Looks – Season 1 – 3

One of the things that has been clear throughout Victoria is the Queen's dedication and responsibility (both real, and tbh, sometimes imagined) to the British people. And never has it been more visually apparent than when she busts out this absolutely peak military look to distract her subjects from that travesty of a hat Albert is wearing. Look, Masterpiece, it might be historically accurate, but this hat should be cancelled.

No. 3: Halloween costume #goals.

Victoria's Looks – Season 1 – 3

This is the greatest Halloween Costume of all Halloween Costumes. From the intricate crown to the gilt-edged neck ruff, all the details of this outfit slay. I love seeing how the lines of this costume differ from the typical Victorian ones – the paned sleeves are a particular favorite, along with the ornate fabric of her bodice and skirts. Perfection.

No. 2: The elegant mourning dress.

Victoria's Looks – Season 1 – 3

This understated dress from early in season one really speaks to me. Not only does it use in my life-long ship of navy blue and black together, but it does so by including a simply breathtaking lace collar that I would add to everything if I could. The ruching of the bodice and the black lace echo in the cuffs complete the look, but then you throw in the subdued crown headpiece? Amazing.

No. 1: This dress is every hashtag that has ever existed

Victoria's Looks – Seasons 1 – 3

#Aesthetic #MoodAF #OnFleek #WCW (that's Wardrobe Crush Wednesday for all you out of the zeitgeist). This iridescent confection of a dress is everything I want in my Victorian gowns. From the perfection that is its taffeta, to the gathered ball gown skirt, I would wear this dress literally every day if I could. And when she pairs it with the tonal coat with contrasting embroidery? #YasQueen

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