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High School Quiz Show - Extra Credit FAQ

High School Quiz Show: Extra Credit | Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this event series about?

WGBH’s High School Quiz Show is teaming up with author Jeff Kinney’s An Unlikely Story to host a three-night non-televised competition for twelve (12) Massachusetts high school teams. Four teams will compete each night, and one winner will be declared each night. The event will be hosted at An Unlikely Story Bookstore & Café in Plainville, Mass.

2. Who is eligible to participate in this event?

All public, private and parochial high schools in Massachusetts are eligible to register.

From the pool of registered schools, WGBH will select twelve (12) teams, based on the following criteria: interest, availability on the scheduled event dates, geographic location, and past participation in High School Quiz Show and Super Sunday. Priority will be given to teams that did not compete in the televised bracket in either Season 8 or 9.

WGBH will assign four (4) teams to each of the three (3) event dates.

Additional requirements:

  • Each team must be supervised by at least one (1) adult coach. A parent may serve as coach, with the school’s approval. Students may not serve as coaches.
  • Each team must include four (4) participating students and up to two (2) alternates. Alternates may attend but are not permitted to compete.
  • Participating students must be currently enrolled in the school they represent.
  • Participating schools may register a maximum of one (1) team.
  • Family members of WGBH employees and An Unlikely Story employees may not participate on a High School Quiz Show team.
  • Only schools that have officially registered and meet the eligibility requirements will be invited to compete.

To encourage a positive atmosphere and foster good sportsmanship, all participating schools and teams (including coaches, students and administrators) agree to abide by the Code of Conduct listed in the Rules.
3. Is there a separate qualifying quiz?

No, there is no additional or separate qualifying quiz for this event.

4. How does a school determine a team roster?

Participating schools form teams based on their own criteria and selection process. It is strongly recommended that teams include both male and female students.

5. How do schools register to participate in this event?

By April 11, 2018, schools that are interested and meet the criteria above (See Question #2) should email and state their intention to form a team. This will assist WGBH with gauging interest and planning.

By April 30, 2018, schools must complete the registration form found here.

Schools that are selected to participate will be notified on or around May 7, 2018.

6. Does the team roster need to be the same as it was on Super Sunday?

While teams are encouraged to use the same players from a past Super Sunday, this is not required.

7. Can a school change its team members after submitting their team roster for this event?

The four students who register as a team are considered final and it is the assumption of WGBH that these four players will attend and compete in their scheduled match. If there is an unavoidable conflict and a team member cannot compete, the coach must contact WGBH with as much advance warning as possible to determine which alternate will replace the team member who cannot compete, and must receive the prior written approval of WGBH before making any roster change.

In order to avoid disappointment, coaches should ensure all official team members have reviewed and can commit to the event dates (see Question #9). Teams that are selected to compete must participate on the date and at the time assigned by WGBH. There are no exceptions, so please be sure to review the dates and times carefully in advance.

8. What are the rules for this event? Is the format different than Super Sunday and the televised High School Quiz Show competition?

The Rules can be found here. While based on the televised competition, the gameplay and format is modified for this event. Please review the rules carefully to understand how it’s different from the televised competition, and contact us with any questions.

9. When will this event be held?

This event series will be held on the following dates and times:

  • Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 6:30-8:30pm
  • Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 6:30-8:30pm
  • Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 6:30-8:30pm

highWGBH will assign four (4) teams to each of the three (3) event dates. Teams that are selected to compete must participate on the date and at the time assigned by WGBH. There are no exceptions, so please be sure to review the dates and times carefully in advance.

10. Where will this event be held?

All three nights in the event series will be hosted at author Jeff Kinney’s An Unlikely Story Bookstore & Café in Plainville, Massachusetts. Free parking is available. Please visit the An Unlikely Story website for more information on directions and parking. Some light refreshments may be available for purchase at the event.

11. What is the time commitment for this event?

Selected schools will be assigned to one of three event dates. Each night, the event will begin at 6:30pm and we expect it to conclude by 8:30pm. Team members (coach and students) must arrange for their own transportation and should expect to stay at An Unlikely Story for up to two hours. Alternates may attend but are not permitted to compete.

12. Can a team change its assigned match-up time?

No, teams that selected to compete in this event must participate on the date and at the time assigned by WGBH. There are no exceptions, so please be sure to review the dates and times carefully in advance.

13. How can teams prepare to compete in this event?

It is strongly recommended that teams and coaches watch past episodes of High School Quiz Show at and to become familiar with the format, pacing, and the types of questions common to academic quiz competitions. is also an online resource that includes a list of local tournaments and competitions.

There are a number of organizations that offer practice questions, however their materials are not completely representative of the types of questions on High School Quiz Show. While WGBH does not endorse any particular preparation materials or strategy, the following is a list of some of the organizations where you may find helpful resources:

Academic Hallmarks
PO Box 998
Durango, CO 81302
11521 W 69th Street
Shawnee, KS 66203
4 D Designs LLC
5940 Bertcliff Drive
Columbus, GA 31909
  Questions Unlimited
2908 W. Crestwood Dr.
Ozark, MO 65721

14. Will the matches/event be taped and televised or available online?

There are currently no plans to tape or stream the event, but this is a possibility in the future.

15. What should the team wear for the competition?

Teams are encouraged to wear their school colors!

16. Can our team attend the other matches?

Yes, teams are encouraged to attend the other matches.

17. Can the public, including family and friends, attend this event?

Yes! In fact, we strongly encourage teams to invite guests, including family, friends, cheerleading squads, and school mascots to join the audience during these matches. The general public is also invited to attend. Stay tuned for more information about signing up for free tickets. In the meantime, please mark your calendars for the event dates and times listed above (See Question #9).

18. Will audience members be able to participate?

Yes, in between rounds there may be an audience-participation component and the opportunity to answer questions.

19. My question wasn’t answered here. How can I get in touch with High School Quiz Show?

Please send comments and questions to