With all of the Walter’s Choice series rolling out on Passport, it’s been a hard winter to keep up with the shows for a fan of neo-noir. From Modus to Resistance, each show is highly produced, full of dark suspense, intrigue and betrayal, and features an exceptional cast. Not a single episode has yet to disappoint, so it’s probably no surprise that these number among some of our most anticipated releases each month.

While this month’s select — Vienna Blood, now on Passport — holds the same fascination for us, it is a bit different from the rest. While most of the series in the Walter’s Choice franchise take place in the latter half of the 20th century, Vienna Blood takes us all the way back to the turn of the century: 1906, to be precise. And while the basic plot of the show sounds familiar to any mystery fan worth their salt — a young doctor seeks to help the local constabulary solve a string of grisly murders — Vienna Blood sets itself apart in two ways. First, the young doctor in question is a student of Freuds’, adding in a fascinating twist on the usual criminal psychology, and, second, the cast of this show features many a familiar face. Let’s take a look!

Matthew Beard as Max Liebermann
Taking on the lead role in Vienna Blood is Matthew Beard, a young British actor most recently seen in Netflix’s Dracula series. Prior to that, you might have caught him in the indie sci-fi film Elizabeth Harvest, or as Peter Hilton in The Imitation Game, the Alan Turing bio pic. But if none of those have made it onto your queue, and you still recognize his face? Well, Beard has also modeled for Burberry and Prada.

A man in a bowler hat looks into the camera. Behind him, in silhouette, is another man, appearing to be ready to attack.

Jürgen Maurer as Oskar Reinhardt
Like many of the series we see in Walter’s Choice, Vienna Blood has its fair share of performers who are new to our screens, but veterans in their own countries. While Jürgen Maurer might not be immediately recognizable to us, his career has spanned two decades in Austria, with significant roles on stage (Agamemnon in Troy, The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz) and screen (reoccurring roles in the Law and Order-like Tartort, and as Matthias Köhler in Netflix’s Perfume).

Jessica De Gouw as Amelia Lydgate
With turns in The Crown (Lucy Lindsay-Hogg) The Last Tycoon (Minna Davis) and Arrow (Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress) Jessica De Gouw will likely be a familiar face to American and British audiences alike — not to mention Australian. A born and bred Aussie, De Gouw began her career in Australian films and TV series like Kath & Kimderella and The Sleepover Club. De Gouw also has two upcoming credits: Gretel & Hansel, an upcoming horror adaptation of the classic fairytale, and The Drover’s Wife with Sam Reid.

A well dressed woman from the 1940s looks at a person off camera.

Amelia Bullmore as Rachel Liebermann
The talent isn’t reserved for the core cast of the show, either — the supporting cast of Vienna Blood is fairly impressive as well. Max’s mother, Rachel, is played by the inimitable Amelia Bullmore, who is more than your average performer. Not happy with just being in front of the camera, having appeared in Gentleman Jack, Happy Valley, and Sherlock, she also has written a fair amount of TV episodes, such as for Scott & Bailey, which she also performs in, and even plays and radio dramas, too.

Conleth Hill as Mendel Liebermann
And the other half of Max’s parentage is just as impressive: Mendel Liebermann is played by Conleth Hill, a face Game of Thrones fans are likely to recognize instantly as the cunning Lord Varys. He’s also had turns in Suits, Foyle’s War, the television adaptation of 12 Monkeys, and Arthur & George. And like many people on this list, he’s tread the boards a fair few times, in everything from Macbeth to Little Shop of Horrors.

If this list hasn’t convinced you that Vienna Blood is a great show, you’re just going to have to try it out yourself! Check out the first episode on Passport.