You know WGBH Drama Club loves British crime dramas. But what you might not know is that one of our absolute faves is Whitechapel. The series focuses on London detectives tracking down copy-cat criminals who emulate famous murderers, like Jack The Ripper. We love everything about it, from its black comedy to its dashing detectives — especially DC Emerson Kent, played by Sam Stockman. Let’s get to know this young English thespian.

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1. He’s also a musician.
While rising through the ranks of British TV, Stockman has also carved out a musical career. He got his start in the rock band Shepherd's Pi with his Family Affairs co-stars Rupert Hill and Angela Hazeldine. He and Hazeldine then went on to form the indie band The Circus Electric.

2. He has most recently been a member of Colour of Bone.
Stockman is the frontman for the UK-based alternative band Colour Of Bone, which counts Dr. Dre and George Martin as influences. Band merch even makes an appearance on Whitechapel.

3. But, his career began as a child actor.
Stockman first appeared on the small screen as a 10-year-old in B&B, a British kids show about a family running a bed and breakfast, and in Annie: A Royal Adventure.

4. Stockman has worked with a slew of British stars...
As he made a name for himself in British TV and film, he has crossed paths with some major British talent, including Charles Dance in Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Idris Elba in Family Affairs, Grantchester's Robson Green in Wire in the Blood, and Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators' Mark Benton in Scoop.

5. ...including an appearance on Doctor Who.
In 2011, he had a role on a Christmas special of the wildly popular British science fiction series. Stockman played a co-pilot serving with Madge’s husband Reg — and flies through a time vortex to arrive on Christmas Day.