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Susan Wilczynski

executive director, National Autism Center

Susan M. Wilczynski is the Executive Director of the National Autism Center. She chairs the National Standards Project, which will serve to establish national standards for the educational and behavioral treatment of individuals on the autism spectrum, and works in collaboration with experts from all over the country. Dr. Wilczynski is charged with developing state-of-the-art Autism Screening and Diagnostic Clinics in underserved areas. In addition, she spearheads "Pathways", a parent education series for parents whose children have recently received a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. Before joining the National Autism Center as Executive Director, Dr. Wilczynski developed and directed an intensive early intervention program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) at Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation. She has authored multiple articles and book chapters on the treatment of ASD and has co-edited the book *Effective Practices for Children with Autism*. A licensed psychologist and a board certified behavior analyst, Dr. Wilczynski has held academic appointments at the University of Southern Mississippi, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and UMASS-Boston.