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Sir Peter Stothard

editor, Times Literary Supplement

Knighted for his services to the British newspaper industry, Sir Peter Stothard is the former editor of *The Times*, which reached a circulation of more than 900,000 during his ten-year tenure. Named Editor of the Year by Granada TV's What the Papers Say in 1999, he currently serves as editor of the *Times Literary Supplement*, where he writes and reviews Greek drama and Roman poetry. He also maintains a regular blog on politics and culture, both Classical and contemporary and is a frequent contributor for *The Wall Street Journal*. He adds his voice to *The Times Magazine* when weighing in on American politics. He is the author of *Thirty Days*, an account of Tony Blair in Downing Street during the Iraq War, as well as his newest *Spartacus Road*, which has been called "haunting, erudite and beautifully written...a fusion of memoir, history and travelogue that is unlike any other book ever written about Spartacus and all the more precious for being quite so unexpected." by *The Spectator*. It follows the footsteps of Spartacus, the leader of the slave rebellion that rattled the Roman Republic in 73BC.