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The Votes That Weren't: Trans Rights & NH Religious Zealots

So Vote It Be.

For all intents and purposes, the state legislature is wrapping up on Wednesday, leaving some important bill-- like the transgender rights bill-- still on the docket.  Many important bills have lost steam, says WGBH News reporter Mike Deehan. Votes on the wage gap, ride-hailing services, clean energy, genetically modified food, and much more are in time out until next year. In fact, he says, the state house has only put about 16 pieces of substantive policy on Baker's desk this year.

An important bill that hasn't made it to the Governor's office is the "Act Relative to Transgender Anti-Discrimination." The bill, which would move to protect transgender citizens of the Commonwealth from many kinds of discriminations won't make it in this session, and Bay Window's co-publisher (and NECN host) Sue O'Connell blames LGBT advocates for dropping the ball.

Evangelical Christians are dialing up the volume in New Hampshire (a traditionally non religious state). Akilah Johnson discusses how and why the crowded GOP field is helping New Hampshire Christians realize their own impact as they begin to mobilize and organize their voting. 

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