The next justice on Massachusetts' highest court is set to soon take her seat on the bench after an official confirmation process, one that scarcely touched on the issue that sparked the most public discourse: Judge Gabrielle Wolohojian's past romantic relationship with Gov. Maura Healey.

Members of the Governor's Council, the panel of elected officials who vet judicial nominees, never pressed Wolohojian on how she'd handle cases involving Healey's office. Tara Jacobs, the only councilor to oppose the nomination, called Wolohojian's ties to Healey "the elephant in the room."

Should councilors have drilled into when Wolohojian might recuse herself? And what role should life outside the courtroom play in assessing a judge?

Katie Lannan discusses Wolohojian's confirmation and the role of the Governor's Council with Damian Turco, president of the Massachusetts Bar Association, and CommonWealth Beacon reporter Gintautas Dumcius.

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