For Vermin Love Supreme a boot is more than a piece of footwear. Or, in his case, headwear.

The perennial presidential candidate wears a large black boot on his head to help him communicate with the American public.

“It is a boot that has absolute magic that has allowed me to exponentially amplify my First Amendment free speech voice, and communicate with people around the world,” he told Boston Public Radio in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

The boot is also a symbol, he said, of the media's obsession with candidates. “Personnel from the media will ask me about the boot and I tell them that the boot is a pile of excrement and that they are the flies that buzz around it,” said Vermin Supreme.

Vermin Supreme is running on a platform that includes free ponies for all Americans, time travel research and using zombies to create energy by harnessing “the latest in hamster wheel technology.”

He also runs on a promise of mandatory toothbrushing laws, “because gingivitis has been eroding the country's gum line for long enough and must be stopped."

The performative candidate has caused some excitement at an otherwise quiet New Hampshire primary. On Jan. 19 he managed to work his way onto the stage before a Ron DeSantis rally in New Hampshire, just days before the Florida Gov. dropped out of the race.

“If you don't run a tight ship, I'm going to end up on your stage,” Vermin Supreme said. He worked the audience for a few minutes before he was asked to leave. Some people were confused by who he was, not realizing his campaign is more of a satire than a real political platform.

“A lot of people attacked Ron DeSantis because I was on stage, and they felt his security failed. And everybody else just knew me and thought it was a lot of fun,” he said.

Vermin Supreme plans to hold a “pageant” to pick his vice president and said joining forces with performative candidate Paperboy Love Prince is a real possibility.