U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat who represents Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District, said his run for president has already been a win.

“I'm practicing democracy. I've had the most extraordinary 90 days of my life. I've been reinvigorated about our great country. I've met people with the most people stories, the most heartbreaking stories,” Phillips told Boston Public Radio in Manchester, New Hampshire, one day before the state's primary. “And I showed up. And that was my mission, is to demonstrate that in this country we do not do coronations, we have competitions.”

Phillips said he respects President Joe Biden, but that he should not be running for reelection. Phillips noted that Biden's approval rating is lower than any other modern president at this point in their term.

“I believe Americans have made up their mind: He is not electable,” he said.

Phillips recognized that his campaign for the presidency is a long shot, but the New Hampshire primary could be “the beginning of something.”

Dean Phillips walks through a crowd of people, hands raised as he high-fives people on both sides.
Democratic challenger U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips is greeted by supporters during a campaign rally on January 20, 2024 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Phillips, a House Democrat for Minnesota, is challenging President Biden in the Democratic primary race.
Brandon Bell Getty Images

A key focus of Phillips' platform is addressing the increasing costs of living in the United States. He said he’s “heard heartbreaking stories right here in the Granite State” about people struggling to afford heating, food and health care expenses.

On the issue of immigration, Phillips is tough on the southern border and has previously accused the Biden administration of mismanaging the border crisis.

“We have an issue at the southern border,” he said. “I'm a Democrat who is telling you the truth. I've been there twice.”

Phillips also addressed changing "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" to "Equity and Restorative Justice'' on his campaign website.

“I believe in diversity. I believe in equity. I believe in inclusion. I think everybody listening probably does as well,” he said. “What I was not aware of is when you put those three words together, that is a real divisive thing right now, and I'm trying to be inclusive and point out my policy propositions.”

Rumors circulated that billionaire Bill Ackman, known to be against DEI efforts, directly influenced Phillips to change his website since Phillips received an endorsement from Ackman.

“We have so many people who are litigating slogans, and not focused on solutions. And you know, Mr. Ackman is one of many thousands of people with whom I interact,” he said.