The Massachusetts democratic primary is approaching in September, and results from the recent MassDems Conventionshow that the races are heating up.

Politics experts on Greater Boston told Crystal Haynes that while Attorney General Maura Healey got 71% of delegate votes at the convention and secured her frontrunner status as candidate for governor, Sonia Chang-Díaz put up a formidable 29% of votes, which likely represents support from younger and more diverse voters.

"Chang-Díaz is pushing herself as someone who is unapologetically to the left of Healey, and it's an open question whether Democrats want someone who's identifying themselves that way," said Adam Reilly, GBH reporter and host of "Talking Politics."

Jacquetta Van Zandt, host of the Politics and Prosecco videocast, said both candidates would benefit greatly from bringing new voters into the fold to create a fresh, energized base.

In addition to the race for governor of Massachusetts, the race for secretary of state will be an interesting one to watch, experts say. Tanisha Sullivan, who is challenging seven-term incumbent Bill Galvin, gained 62% of delegate votes compared with 38% for Galvin. She delivered an electric speech at the convention that energized supporters.

Van Zandt noted however, that just because delegates support Sullivan, doesn't mean she has a win locked down. "It's going to be her job and her team's job to hold the state party accountable for all that they're supposed to give you when you win the convention," which includes time, money and resources, she said.

As primaries near, Van Zandt and Reilly also plan to keep tabs on the attorney general race, which had to go to a second ballot at the convention. There are also contested races for state auditor and lieutenant governor.

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