We’re closing in on Boston’s preliminary mayoral election, so this week, The Scrum asks: How did the city get here? A field with five major candidates who are all people of color, four of them women, in a city that has exclusively elected white men to the mayor’s post. Co-hosts Adam Reilly and Saraya Wintersmith delve into “Boston’s changing political DNA” in the first video podcast version of The Scrum. First up is GBH News’ political editor Peter Kadzis with a brief history lesson on local Boston politics (complete with slides, for those who want to follow along on YouTube below). A lot of credit, Kadzis says, goes to Ayanna Pressley’s 2009 election to City Council.

Then Reilly and Wintersmith get into what this election is all about with Yawu Miller, the senior editor of the Bay State Banner, and Gin Dumcius, the managing editor of the Dorchester Reporter. There are a lot of factors at play — voter turnout, mail-in voting and the city's changes over the many years — and just never enough time to cover them all.

Until Sept. 14, The Scrum will be focusing its episodes on Boston’s preliminary mayoral election. Tune in next week to hear about the candidates “chasing the Walsh vote” and those who are aiming for a different part of the electorate.

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