What do you do when your big dreams of changing the system from the inside come crashing down, after your own leadership primaries you right out of your seat for being too outspoken? Former Rhode Island State Rep. Moira Walsh opted to speak out even louder, with a no-holds-barred podcast called "Can We Fix It."

Walsh came on Greater Boston Tuesday to discuss her podcast, which she co-hosts with two-time state senate candidate Jennifer Douglas. Together, the pair has tackled topics from systemic racism to lawmakers' Twitter spats. As she recently told The Boston Globe, "everybody is fair game."

She left office in January after losing in her 2020 primary, but when asked if she would consider running for office again, Walsh said “never say never”

“I don’t know that I would be allowed to be quite as bombastic if I were an elected official again. It is very nice to be able to say what’s really happening without fear of, you know, my bills getting thrown in the trash can or my office being moved to Timbuktu,” she said. “For right now, I’m exactly where I need to be, and if we even convince one local person to start really paying attention to what’s going on at the city and state level, then I’ll consider it a great success.”

WATCH: Former R.I. State Rep. Moira Walsh on her new podcast