Danielle Allen announced her Democratic candidacy for Massachusetts governor last week. Allen was most recently the director of Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics.

She joined Jim Braude on Greater Boston to discuss her platform, which includes a focus on economic inequality across Massachusetts that was highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic, and a call for strategic planning to tackle big issues facing the state in contrast to what Allen called Gov. Charlie Baker’s “incrementalist” approach to governing. Baker has yet to announce if he will be running for re-election.

Allen highlighted the disproportionate challenges that people in the Commonwealth have faced throughout the pandemic. “The bottom fell out from under for so many, especially people in the service economy,” Allen said when Braude asked why she was running for governor. “This is not acceptable. It really is time for us to achieve something transformative, to knit ourselves together into one commonwealth, to work on the basics, the building-block pieces of infrastructure: of housing, transportation, schools, jobs and justice.”

WATCH: Danielle Allen on the future of Massachusetts