Two days after an hour-long, closed-door termination hearing with acting Mayor Kim Janey about the fate of his job, Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White is enmeshed in a vitriolic — and public — exchange of charges and counter charges with family members.

Whatever the outcome for White and City Hall, the last two days of tawdry accusations do nothing to dispel the shadow cast on the police department's internal affairs (IA) unit.

After White's ex-wife, Sybil Mason (also a serving police officer), accused White of domestic abuse in a WBUR interview Wednesday, White's lawyer Thursday called upon Janey to publicly release Mason's IA files, suggesting that those files would cast doubt on her credibility as a witness.

White's oldest daughter, Tiffany, and his sister-in-law, Connie Owens (Mason's sister), have testified that Mason — not White — was the abuser when the two were married.

The 22-year-old allegations of domestic abuse against White came to light two days after then-Mayor Marty Walsh named White to be the city's top cop in February.

White was quickly suspended, then after the results of a three-month independent investigation were delivered to Janey, she called for White's removal.

White unsuccessfully sued to keep his job. Since then, Janey's remarks about his future have been more tempered.

White also submitted another sworn affidavit, addressing a recent social media post made by his younger daughter, Brittany White.

“I disciplined Brittany as she was growing up in a variety of non-physical ways and also spanked her when necessary with an open hand to her clothed bottom. I never slapped, hit or otherwise struck her,” White said in the sworn statement.

“As Brittany became a teenager, there were a few occasions where she seriously disrespected me in the home. I never responded physically or with violence,” he continued, describing an instance where he called the Randolph police to escort the then-teenager out of his home.

Janey's administration remained silent Thursday afternoon as the new documents were made public.

Janey has not said when she will reach a decision and did not respond to GBH News requests for comment Thursday.