Though former Vice President Joe Biden is leading in the polls, CNN Chief National Political Correspondent John King said he thinks the race is still wide open, and the polls may have more to do with name recognition than genuine support for Biden.

“In a Democratic race that I would still say is wide open, people go back to what they know, and they know Joe Biden,” King said Tuesday during an interview with Boston Public Radio.

King advised observers not to depend too heavily on the polls, given that it is still early in the race.

“I always say, A: don’t invest in any one poll and, B: it’s early,” King said.

What King does find interesting about the latest CNN poll, however, is that Sen. Kamala Harris has lost 12 points since its last survey was conducted in June. Though a variety of factors may be behind this, King said that candidates who have breakout moments in the debates sometimes have trouble sustaining their momentum afterwards, leading up to the election.

Another reason voters may be changing their opinions so much, King said, is because of there are so many candidates. King said he thinks that as the field narrows down, it will become easier to see more concrete trends.