On August 7, 2019, Rep. Stephen Lynch joined Boston Public Radio to share comment on the state of gun control legislation in Congress, the 2020 Democratic race, and where he stands on impeaching President Donald Trump.

Interview highlights:

On Gun Control

"Right now, [Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's] just got a hold on it, and he has said over the past couple of days that he won’t bring it up. So, I don’t know what the president’s talking about. I’m not sure if Mitch is more committed to the president's agenda or the NRA’s agenda. That’s the real question."

On the Leftward Tilt of the Democratic Party

"I think the talk of going socialist, I think most people 50 years and older probably have a different view of socialism and whether or not that’s good for our country. Especially people over 60 and 70, socialism is not something they embrace. I understand that for millennials they have a different view of it, but I think for the moderates, I think that frightens them."

On Impeaching President Donald Trump

"I’m in favor of investigating to get as much evidence as possible. I firmly believe that if we went to impeachment with the evidence we have now, we will lose in the Senate, because we have to get 20 Republican senators to vote for impeachment, and if we don’t get them, then the president gets acquitted. ... He spikes the football, does the endzone dance right before the election and says, 'See, I’m innocent of everything and this was a big conspiracy.'"