Former White House counsel Don McGahn disregarded a congressional subpoena by not testifying on Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

This latest action is just another effort by the White House to stonewall Democrats in their investigations into President Donald Trump, said John King, CNN's Chief National Correspondent and host of Inside Politics. King told Boston Public Radio Tuesday that McGahn's move could push Democrats to further consider opening an impeachment inquiry to prevent further blockades from the president, a move that would be at odds with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's current stance on impeachment.

"More and more Democrats, including people loyal to the speaker, close the speaker, are saying, 'You know what, If they are going to keep saying no, we should at least open an impeachment inquiry,'" King said.

King believes that Pelosi’s reluctance toward impeachment stems from the impact it could have on the 2020 election by making Trump look like a sympathetic target.

“She’s nervous that it would just give the president a 'they’re out to get, it’s all about Trump' message,” King said.

King joined Boston Public Radio to discuss this and more.