On Wednesday, Rep. Katherine Clark joined Boston Public Radio to share her thoughts on whether the House should move forward with impeaching President Donald Trump; why she’s co-sponsoring a bill that tackles workplace harassment and strengthens protections for workers in entry-level jobs; and why she’s calling for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to resign.

Interview Highlights:

On Impeaching Trump:

“I have never thought that this president was fit to hold the office that he holds, and the report confirmed that he has misled the American people. He has no respect for the rule of law, and he tramples on the constitution regularly. So, where I am, and where I think the majority of our Democratic caucus is, is we have to proceed full speed in investigating and holding this president accountable. Impeachment is not off the table, but I think we want to hear from Attorney General Barr, we want to hear from Robert Mueller. He has drawn a road map for us, and we need to dive into that, and get all the facts on the table.”

On The Be HEARD Act:

“It’s really looking at a comprehensive way to ensure that workers have rights that are backed up by the law. We are also working with businesses ... we want to give them the tools and an emphasis on prevention, and making sure that we are creating safe workplaces. So, we have some carrots but we’re also going to have some stick, and be able to enforce that you have to have a safe work environment, and that the retaliation we see against primarily women, but men too, who come forward with claims of brutal harassment and sexual assault, and too often end up losing their job for being the person who complains [stops].”

On Calling For Betsy DeVos’ Resignation:

“She relied on very racist research as a basis for undoing guidelines around child discipline and the disparate rates we’ve seen for children of color in suspensions and in expulsions. There are many reasons why Betsy DeVos should resign. She has conflicts of interest, I don’t think she serves our country or our children well.”

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