Rep. Michael Capuano says the new Republican tax plan will hurt the middle class and limit federal funds for the national infrastructure, education and defense budgets.

“Of course, lowering taxes is going to help you in the immediate future, but then don’t come back and ask for a reasonably funded society,” Capuano said in an interview with Boston Public Radio Thursday. “Don’t ask for good schools, don’t ask for good roads, don’t ask for a strong defense. Don’t ask us why your children are carrying a debt burden that’s through the roof … because well, here’s the answer. It’s because you wanted yours, right now.”

House Republicans passed the rewrite of the tax code as part of a larger effort to enact $1.5 trillion in tax cuts. Critics of the legislation say the plan would give tax cuts to the wealthy and leave low-income households with higher tax bills.

Republicans must now align the House bill with another piece of legislation moving through the Senate Finance Committee this week, in order to pass the tax overhaul.

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