Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is scheduled to be sentenced later today in a case involving hush money that prosecutors say was used to cover up alleged sexual abuse of former students when he was a teacher and wrestling coach at a school in Illinois.

The longest-serving Republican speaker in U.S. history faces up to five years in prison, NPR's David Schaper reports. David says, "Federal sentencing guidelines call for probation to up to six months in prison for Hastert's guilty plea on the financial charge, but the judge can consider extenuating circumstances and impose a longer term."

Hastert, 74, has pleaded guilty to structuring cash withdrawals to evade bank-reporting rules for large transactions. That money was used to conceal alleged sexual misconduct — given to a man who says Hastert abused him when he was 14.

The sentencing Wednesday is not about the alleged abuse. The statute of limitations for such a case has ended. But one of the alleged victims, identified in court documents as "Individual A," is suing Hastert for not paying the full amount agreed upon between the two. He says Hastert paid $1.7 million out of $3.5 million in "compensation."

As The Two-Way has reported:

"The [plea] deal states that Hastert 'agreed to provide Individual A $3,500,000 in order to compensate for and keep confidential his prior misconduct against Individual A.'"It goes on to say that from July of 2012 to December 2014, Hastert withdrew $952,000 in amounts below $10,000 to 'evade currency transaction reporting requirements' on more than 100 occasions."

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